EllieBearBabi- my craft biz


My sewing adventure began only 3 months before my due date when my granny asked would i come to a sewing class she was taking from home, having never used a machine before i thought i’d go once and be useless and never go again but to my shock (and my grans) i actually loved it n dare i say seemed to have a natural talent for it.
I was hooked and made a patchwork crib blanket for the then “babi bump” the now lovely “babi bear” during the first class! The sewing took off from there and i began to  sew regularly as well as the classes as a way of keeping occupied. My super fantastic luvi mum is a “crafty arty person” and instilled that love of everything arty in to us, she used to make us gorgeous clothes and bedding etc when we were tiny but hadnt sewed for a few years so we’ve enjoyed getting the machines out and having a go at creating different things together. I continued  to make a number of blankets, pillows etc for my little one and made some bibs too, a few friends and family loved them  and encouraged me to think about selling them. So i decided maybe i should set up a little crafty baby biz. And EllieBearBabi was born! I have been promoting elliebearbabi from about april and in july opened my etsy shop www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Elliebearbabi
The name EllieBearBabi is inspired by my parents old english sheepdog “Ellie” who we nicknamed elliebear as shes so big, she is the real life nana (dog from peter pan) and loves my little one so when deciding on a name i wanted a name personal to me and my family without using mine or babies name so i added babi to elliebear and “EllieBearBabi” was born.
I love creating all kinds of items and regularly update etsy so hava peek if theres anything you like or would like contact me:
or twitter : elliebearbabi

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