On the Move

NEW Blog home-  I am going SELF Hosted …Aka I am moving blogs.. not far just a little hop skip and a jump to here  Elliebearbabi.co.uk  has a nice ring to it doesn’t it! The blog movers have been in everything was packed up and moved and after a day or two everything has been sorted and unpacked! Yay,  all my posts from here are now on the new blog 🙂 Im revamping the new blog a little as i have more control over it now as its 100% mine!! So there is a new look to go with the new .co.uk . Lots of exciting things coming up more Christmas themed posts, a few fab guest spots and the odd cheeky review!

It is taking me a little getting used to but im excited  i feel like its a great move and I hope you will come read and check it out lovelies! I have so appreciated the support all of you have given me in taking the time to read and comment on my posts it really means alot!

I’d love to know what you think of the new blog? Come say hi 🙂

Vicki xXx

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