Mini’s midweek memories


Yay iv’e actually managed to post this Mid-week i think that deserves a high five!

This week we cracked out the paint again, i’m quite ashamed to say we paint very rarely . I keep forgetting about it and then sometimes it seems too messy now shes bigger and takes off at zero given notice towards furniture etc. Also we currently have carpet in most rooms, yes I hate hate hate the carpets but still I don’t want little hand prints over them. (Though it would look cute).

2013-11-26 17.17.23

2013-11-26 17.17.16

I set up  a roll of paper in the kitchen on the floor, on top  of easy wipe childrens tablecloth. Mini wore an old baby grow and we put 3 splodges of paint down and off she set.  She had a ball of a time! I was hoping to do some Christmasey colours but we only have currently 3 paints green, purple and yellow. Now your going to tell me if id mixed them I could have got x number of other colours.. too complicated for my frazzled brain .. ( remember its week 4 of solo parenting).

2013-11-26 17.15.09The end picture is really summery colours, we are going to put up in her room on her little doodle wall once its dry.

I put her in a 6-9months baby grow to do this as it is too small for day to day use and I was going to wash it to put into a charity shop after (the paints are waterbased easy washed off). When I looked at the babygrow afterwards though its so cute all brightly coloured paint splats, so like the little sad sentimental mummy that I am i’m keeping it. It is going into her memory box with a few little pictures of her painting and her final masterpiece.

I’m planning some more  Christmasy crafts with her over the coming weeks keep ur eyes peeled!

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