A lovely little limerick….

Centre parcs poetry challenge. 

This is my entry to the Center Parcs and Tots 100 November challenge. If I’m chosen, I would like to visit Longleat Forest” 🙂 

Centre parcs  nature expert and Conservation Ranger, Emma Tapp set out 5 tips to help “bring out the inner poet”, our fave tip was number 2.Play outside – “Despite the drop in temperature, it’s great to wrap up warm and get outside in the fresh air. The sound of the leaves crunching as you stroll through the park or play in the garden is bound to get you and your children inspired, so why not head outside for a brisk autumn stroll before setting to work on your poetic masterpiece?”

This was our fave tip as we love getting wrapped up in our hats, scarfs and gloves, getting Mini all cosy in the pram and heading out for walks with our little dog, to our local parks and forests!

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Our little shed in all its autumnal glory!

Our little shed in all its autumnal glory!

We live in lovely little Northern Ireland so it is only right that we submit a “Irish Limerick” style poem for this challenge. Irish Limericks are traditionally funny, nonsense riddley rhymes, perfect for little ones so here we go

Mini’s surprise..

Way up North on the Emerald Isle,

a little girl sits with a great big smile.

Surveying the countryside, all around her

she sits in her pram and begins to ponder!

Why have the leaves on the trees all gone golden?

Oh she exclaims is it because they’re all olden’?

Just like Granda, Nannie and old auntie Pat

the leaves colours have changed, though they haven’t got fat?!

They’re all yellow, red and golden

some are orange red and cream

The colours are so beautiful she thought

It’s like a lovely dream.

But wait look at that branch, that branch over there

she shouts whilst waving her little fingers wildly in the air.

Oh  mumma whats happened hes lost his long hair ?

Mini exclaimed with a look of despair!

Mini my dear, never you fear for

Winter is coming and Christmas is nearly here!

The little branch thought it was time to prepare

So he sped off into town in search of new hair!

Just like daddy hes had a little trip to the barbers chair

as hes going down later to visit the country fair!

Hes been practicing his dancing, with your cousin franscein

and the rest of his hair fell of whilst he was prancing!

Pop over and visit me at my new blog http://www.elliebearbabi.co.uk/

Little lucky shamrock.. fingers crossed our poem meets the grade 🙂 or i’ll have a face on me like a lurgan spade 😉

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