Reindeer Food

It’s officially Christmas! well in our house anyway, the decorations are up! Yes everything tree, gel gem window gels, knitted nativity, corner tree, stockings… you name it I have it up! Now Don’t judge me, I have it up because hubbs is still away working and only home weekends, I have a craft fair this weekend coming and the next few weeks are going to be busy. Also this is Mini’s first Christmas and even though we are not home a lot at the moment I still want to have the house Christmasey looking for her for when we are there.

Any how your thinking what has this got to do with Reindeer food, um nothing I just thought I’d tell you since it relates to all things Christmas. So onto reindeer food, I have saw little packets emblazoned with this slogan in the shops both recently and last year. I have even bought a few packets over the last few years for the little ones I used to mind. They are essentially packets of super expensive oats and glitter some costing £5 (yes really £5)! I decided hey Mini and I can make these for a quarter of that. This is the first Christmas crafty thing she’s ever done, shes nearly 11 months so probably wont remember but Iv’e taken loads of pictures to include in her (first) Christmas scrapbook.

Here’s our Recipe: Malt wheats, porridge oats, baby museli and pot of glitter, stir in a little magic and shake to bake!

I didn’t think there was any point in going out and buying loads of ingredients that are expensive and wasting money, unless you are going to use the things like oats etc. So we used what we had in the kitchen cupboards hence the Malted wheats, porridge and baby museli. But you could use cornflakes smashed up, shredded wheat, loops etc.

2013-11-15 12.16.30

I popped the malted wheats into a clear sandwich bag with a zipper popped onto the highchair tray in front of Mini gave her a stacking cup and her fave maraca and let her bash the malts to smithereens til her little heart was content. Mean while I got a pot of glitter (which I had for crafts £1.00 a pot but you can get multipacks of like 8 for £1.00 in poundland or supermarket craft aisles) and poured it into a another bag, added the oats, museli and gave it a little shake.

2013-11-15 12.16.45

I then helped Mini to pour the smashed wheats into the oaty glittery mix. This was lets say not a 100% smooth transfer! We ended up with glitter in our hair, all over our clothes, socks, vest, you name it was glitterfied, even doos our schnoodle was glittery for days!  Many due to Mini getting so excited and grabbing a handful and throwing it like confetti.

2013-11-15 13.33.42

After we had got what was left of the mix into one bag I gave it a little mix and wha-la done! Reindeer food. I had made up a few cellophane cones using cellophane I wrap my Elliebearbabi items in, the night before so I spooned some into each cone and tied with a little ribbon.

We had a small bowl left over so I let Mini do some messy oaty play for 10 mins, aka tip the oats on your head, throw them all over kitchen and put down your vest! She had such a fun time. We are going to use the Reindeer food on Christmas eve and maybe give the other cones to her cousins too!

Her little smiley happy glittery face made this first Christmas Craft so special.. just the beginning I hope of  many happy Christmas memories to come.

If you fancy doing this at home or to give as gifts here is the little poem we are including on our reindeer food tag!

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4 thoughts on “Reindeer Food

  1. Ah, great idea. I made my own reindeer food last year, the children loved putting it out on xmas eve and those pesky reindeers did make rather a mess of the food overnight too!! 🙂
    Hope you have fun putting it out for them.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

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