Mini’s midweek memories

2013-11-01 09.21.42

An “out-take” from our little photo sesh

#week 3

Yes yet another Mini’s midweek memories that is rather later than midweek. I will manage to get it posted some week actually mid-week I swear.

Any how this week started off with a few cheesy holiday snaps! We popped on Mini’s “my first Christmas” pjs from George & a cute santa hat also from george for the photos.  Yes I dressed the dog up and yes he loved it 😉 ! No this wasnt just for a laugh, ok it was kind of for a laugh but also for our Christmas cards. I got a pack of cards that are little frames that you can pop your own photo into, so I decided to take some funny festive shots for them. The “outtake” photo’s are funnier than the posy shots, as Mini decided to try and strangle doo’s whilst laughing, she also decided to hit him on the head with a toy egg and I managed to get it as a sequence action shot including her shocked face when she hit him and her saying “ohh deer” afterwards. Cutest thing ever and doos has the patience of a doggy saint. Bless him he puts up with a lot.

2013-10-28 08.22.13 As the week has went on things have went down hill Mini’s got the cold, full on nose running, chesty cough, lost her voice cold! Cue very sad, tearful and slightly grumpy baby. So we have spent most of everyday since having “duvet days” basically me attempting to get Mini to rest, me failing to get Mini to rest, Mini wrecking the place, hiding under the duvet, climbing over the duvet, crying, giggling, sneezing, coughing and rubbing snot over everything in sight including me!

Sleep has been few and far between, not helped by the crazy wind, rain and hail battering the windows throughout the night, come on weather give me a break! I’m still soloing now week 3 so I am officially running on caffeine and teetering on the fine line between ready to laugh and or cry at any given moment so please don’t show me that sainsburys Christmas advert or ill be a blubbering mess within minutes (dont know what i’m on about have a peek at it below, go on try not and cry. Warms my heart 😉 )

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One thought on “Mini’s midweek memories

  1. Those frame cards sound a brilliant idea, bet it’ll raise a lot of smiles when people receive them. I still haven’t seen the new Sainsburys advert but it sounds like it could be the Xmas advert this year.

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