Boo’s Box Swap

During a #pbloggers sunday evening chat in October Boo from Blooming Boo tweeted asking would any pbloggers (parent bloggers) be interested in a “box swap”. I was intrigued, I wasn’t entirely sure what that meant but it sounded interesting! Boo explained what the “Box swap” entailed, a group of pbloggers would sign up, be allocated another blogger to swap with who had a little one/s around the same age as your own. You find out some info about that other blogger and their little one/s and you would make up a little treat box of lovely bits and pieces that you think the other blogger and their little one would like. The budget was £20ish. I was lucky enough to swap with Boo herself as she has a gorgeous little boy not much younger than Mini. I loved making up my box, if you want to see what I sent have a peak at Boo’s blog in the coming weeks to see her Box Swap Post.

Any how lovelies on to what Mini and I received in our Box swap Box.

2013-10-24 12.47.19

2013-10-24 12.48.44When “Boo’s Box Swap Box” arrived through my letter box I could hardly contain my excitement. It was wrapped in a lovely pink box with a lovely note attached from Boo.
Inside was a pile of lovely little treats for both Mini and I all neatly packed in. The first thing I saw was the Maybelline New york 24 hour color tattoo eyeshadow. I had my eye on this little lovely when it first came out as an eyeshadow that stays put 24hours appeals greatly especially as a busy mum who normally applies make up at 7am and doesn’t look  in the mirror again until last thing at night. Its a cream shadow which I don’t normally use as i’m a powder shadow gal at heart but this was lovely. Not too shimmery goes on smoothly and is really easy to blend. It really does stay put for hours about 16 hours or so. So big thumbs up!
2013-10-24 12.49.422013-10-24 12.50.40
The next treat to come out of the box was Tomy eggs. I have seen these before but couldn’t quite put my finger on where. The box is a shaped like a little egg box and yellow in colour. There are 6 little eggs, each little egg has a shape on the base which fits into the correlating shape on the base of the egg box. Mini’s still a little small to use these as a shape sorter but she adores the eggs. They come apart and each has a little coloured chick inside that when pushed tweets. These eggs have become her absolute top toy. We even had to pack them up and take to my parents when we have visited over the last few weeks as she loves them so much and plays with them every day.
2013-10-24 12.49.17
The next item was a Chocolate face masque for Me, I have not used this yet. I am waiting to use2013-10-24 12.51.30 this some evening when I can relax have a bath put my feet up and treat myself , so it maybe a while before I use it! 🙂
The last lovely item was a gorgeous top and leggings for Mini from the F&F range at tesco. I adore the clothes from F&F and am not ashamed to say Mini has quite a few bits in her winter wardrobe from F&F. Luckily she doesn’t have either this top or leggings! I love owl prints, they are very popular at the minute and the burgundy colour works so well with Mini’s hair and skin tone. I have always found the leggings from F&F really great quality and great when washed, they are perfect and comfy for crawling about and clambering in and out of the ball pit as Mini does a 100 times a day. I love the print so autumnal, and great for mixing with alot of different tops too.
There are 9 bloggers in total signed up to this first Boos Box Swap so keep your eyes peeled for the box swap posts over the coming weeks and have a nosy at what the other all received in their parcels! (The links are at the end of this post).
The plans at the moment are for another box swap in 6 months if you fancy joining in get in touch around that time with Boo.
Lastly a huge Thank you to Boo for not only my gorgeous box but for planning and running the box swap, it’s such a wonderful idea and I really enjoyed taking part!!
2013-10-24 12.47.38
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