Solo parenting

Solo –noun-  a thing done by one person unaccompanied:. verb –perform something unaccompanied.

Hubby works within the construction trade, he used to work away on mainland UK for a few years before we married whilst we were dating. He would work one week and home at weekends or two weeks and off a few days or three weeks and off a week etc. When we married he didn’t want to work away nor did I want to live in a house on my own for weeks at a time. Work has always been steady but a couple weeks ago  a job offer came in to work for 6 weeks away again. With the run up to Christmas and my new role as stay at home mum the offer was too good to turn down. So these last 2weeks I have been solo parenting, not a single parent but a solo parent mon-fri.

Now as a sahm I am well used to being on my own with Mini for a large amount of the day. I get up with her every morning at 6-7ish and we spend all day together doing general housey things, washing, tidying. We paint, we play, we go walks, we meet friends for coffee and playdates, we go food shopping, we pop to my grans Mini’s great grans for cuppas and we generally have a lovely normal everyday time. I normally do dinner bath and bed too. Hubbs arrives home normally half an hour before  Mini’s bed time so they get a snippet of time together. But the majority of the day to day parenting/looking after is done by moi. I love it though every second truly. I was surprised over last couple months to see other mums on twitter complain they have to solo dinner bath and tea one evening a week? Huh?I solo every day and it never occurred to me that this possibly isn’t the norm? Growing up my mum did the majority of the parenting as my dad worked super long hours. I have always been used to my mum being the main care giver and I can see traits of her’s now in my own parenting. I think I am completely content at home with Mini “soloing” because that is what I have always known myself. Don’t get me wrong hubbs is a really hands on dad he adores Mini and at weekends they are bff’s but during the week it’s Mini and Mummy time!

I am missing having hubbs home in the evenings though, as Mini goes to bed between 6.30-7 , hubbs and I have our dinner, a cuppa and a catch up and I love this time together everyday. Instead I have filled my evenings with crafting and booked into a few Christmas crafts fair this sat, the 26th and the 7th dec. Iv’e also decided to make a few Christmas gifts this year again at the moment i’m mid way through hand sewing “chicken scratch” hearts onto a country chic table runner for mum for Christmas though it’s taking me much longer than I thought might be Christmas 2014 before she gets it at this rate. Any how it gives me a little goal to work towards and keeps me occupied.

I  still have another 4-6 weeks to go of solo parenting to go but I’m keeping a positive outlook its only short term, a couple weeks and when he’s finally home it will be Christmas our first as a family of THREE so that’s really something to look forward to!

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2 thoughts on “Solo parenting

  1. I’ll be completely honest, the people who are complaining in Twitter either have toddlers, more than one or both because it is hard work. I, like yourself, do the majority of all childcare and bed/bath time is almost exclusively mine. It has always been this way even though my husband is home most of the time. I’m on maternity leave right now so everything is my job, my husband does not do bed time unless I am out. When I am working, he does everything in the day. Even though I do it almost entirely alone, it’s still handy to have him around because if the baby is fussy, I can’t hold him and bathe/dress the toddler at the same time. Solo parenting is difficult when they’re older/there’s more than one but it sounds like if this were the case, you’d still be pretty on top of it all 🙂

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