Helping Nannie


We sometimes call “A” a range of different nicknames including “Mini” followed by our surname so i’m going to do a simple post every once in a whilst called “mini’s midweek  memories”. Kind of the same idea as some current linky’s just a simple normal everyday snap with a little tiny post, capturing just a mini-moment midweek 🙂 here we go..

*Mini’s midweek memories* #1

My mum is the most amazing woman there is, shes such a loving kind fabulous person and my best friend. She adores “A” and we spend as much time with her as we can, however we live 80 miles away from my parents so “A” mainly see’s them at weekends. “A” loves nothing better than spending time with Nannie, she loves watching whats going on and attempting to help out (as much as a little one can). This time she was helping wreck sorry rearrange nannies kitchen cupboards.  She sat  cross legged beside my mum for a good 15 mins just playing with a few cartons and lids.  Little amuses the innocent.

2013-09-30 17.30.20


How tiny does she look!

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