Cosy fingers and toes.

Our road last winter

Our road last winter

Foundered like proper freezing cold  foundered is how iv’e felt the last few days. Waking up to proper frosty mornings is a sure sign winter is here and dare I say it CHRISTMAS is on its way! YAY! Anyway that is a totally different post. This winter is the first full winter that I am responsible for ensuring another person is kept roasty toasty at all times aka  my lovely little girl “A”. As she was born In early Jan she arrived in the middle of winter and came home to snow, she spent very little time outside of our house and when she did she was cosy in one of her far too many baby snowsuits, I couldn’t resist a snowsuit first baby and all that jazz. What people do not tell you is they are a nightmare to put on newborns, they make them look huge and they are basically unable to move in them, they make fitting them and strapping them into a carseat like a military op. A lot of hassel but hey they keep them warm. This year  I cannot face the thought of  squashing her into a traditional snowsuit, but what are the options for keeping a nearly toddler warm in winter.

Iv’e bought a few bits and bobs I think will do the job!…..

She has her first proper shoes *squeals* aw they are so cute clarks  but they won’t keep her toesys too warm if there is snow etc so off we set into town to “try on” boots. Now I am very lucky that “A” is a little angel when out and about no matter what we are doing, when she got her feet measured for her first shoes she sat brilliantly and let the lady measure each foot and then try on five different pairs without even a grumble. In town we went to a local family run shoe shop and tried on UGGs prewalkers now I am sorry those of you I am about to offend, they were ugly proper UGGLY . They had no shape even for a prewalker and were not worth the £40 price tag. Next we tried a couple pairs of other winter boots mostly suede style but none were suitable as I thought the soles were too solid for her feet when shes used to a softer sole at the moment. I felt a bit deflated as really there are not that many kids shoe shop options near me. I popped into NEXT on way past for a nosy and came across these gorgeous ugg style prewalkers, they are fully fur lined, they have a lovely soft but supportive sole and they are just so cute! She is currently a size 3.5 but with the fur size 4 fits perfectly. At £13 they are a bargain, I love them and think they will keep her toesys lovely and warm over the coming months.

2013-11-05 12.54.21I have a thing about Hats on little one’s I just think it’s so cute! So “A” has a hat on her whenever there is even a slight breeze! These are my two current faves that we got over the last month or two. The cream chunky knit hat with the applique rose has small shimmer beads stitched all over it and its adorable as well as super warm. I have had so many people come up and ask where it is from when we have been out and about. Its a M&S hat bought with mittens but the mittens are huge and won’t fit till she is 18 ok 10 maybe 3 they are huge! Which is unfortunate as the pair would have been cute together. The bunny hat is a tesco F&F hat I think £3.50 (shh I got it for £1.00 in sale) we had the same hat in size 0-6 months and was so cute, we have a bit of a bunny theme running through “A’s” toys clothes etc as her bff toy she takes everywhere is a bashful bunny jellycat. So this hat was a must. The mittens are from TU at sainsburys, £3 now these are fab, they are triple insulted and have a little grip on the inside palm so little one can lift things whilst wearing them and a velcro strap to stop them falling off. I was in search of mittens for ages for her because I am always cold especially my hands and feet and she seems to be the same and every year in the winter especially during snow my hands get so cold and painful I literally end up crying. I didn’t this to happen to her, but all the mittens I saw were very light and in my opinion wouldn’t keep her warm so when I saw these I had to have them! Better to be prepared just incase!

2013-11-05 12.53.38Now I know what your thinking, your thinking you said you didn’t want a snowsuit but that  looks very much like a snowsuit! Um, well, it’s an all weather suit, basically a snowsuit but better. It is by regatta and I got it in a local store for £5, its waterproof with fleece lining and is to be worn over clothing. Its not bulky like a regular snow suit, its quite light yet really warm. “A” has had this on her so many times already for being out in the garden or out walks, and when iv’e taken it off shes lovely and warm so i’m super pleased with it. It’s size 12-18months.

2013-11-05 12.55.17Finally I love a nice bodywarmer and now “A” is bigger and stretched more she looks so adorable in them. Plus they are so handy to pop on and off over jumpers or even coat etc. The fleece lined owl print one on the left is from Tu sainsburys her nannie got her it so unsure of the price, it’s current stock though so should be in all sainsburys. Its lovely and padded really cosy. The raincoat is from NEXT and I think was £13.50 ish? We got her this on our holiday during the summer as I loved the print, because its light its perfect for milder days too, The fur gilet was a gift its also from NEXT and has we bunny ears on the hood so its a hit with us! It really is warm a bit too warm to be worn most days at the moment as its very thick but in the coming months I’m sure she will be sporting it a day or two.2013-11-05 12.57.462013-11-05 12.57.25

I am sure you’ll see a few of these in my posts over the coming months :)! Any winter clothes for little ones you love? Leave me a link in comments x


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4 thoughts on “Cosy fingers and toes.

  1. Awhh great post!!I hate it now its cold because ophelia hates having layers to take off!we have the owl gilet and I love it because it comes on and off so easily.xx

  2. She is going to be so snug and cosy and cute all at once. I miss snow and frosty mornings, although I’m sure I’ll be moaning about the cold when I go home at Christmas!!

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