Date night

DATE NIGHT!!! Gone are the days of the pre-date night shopping for new outfits, fake tanning, doing my hair and nails and  hitting the town with hubby for nights out! Sigh.. just deciding to pop out for dinner, or drive to a local city to go see a movie or concert. Now i’m sounding like an old married woman reminiscing, I’m not old by the way i’m 24 and hubbs is 26 .. please don’t tell me that’s old, i’m not over the hill just yet not even at the bottom of it ;). Any how back to the point, since we’ve had “A” the old date nights have gone out the window. It’s not that we can’t go out because we could, we could get my mum or someone to come babysit whilst we sally off to a local club or cinema etc but strangely enough we actually don’t want to most of the time! We’d much rather have a nice night in when “A’s” asleep with a take away or home cooked meal a dvd, fire lit and have a catch up and just spend some time together.

We attempted to go out for a meal on our own a few months back whilst staying at my parents.. what a pantomime, “A” normally goes to sleep at between 6.30-7pm with no issues, that night she was still awake giggling at 8.30 and I don’t like to leave her I like making sure she gets to sleep and is happy and content. Cue my mum coming in and demanding we leave and she would get “A” to sleep and let me know if she needed me. Cue us dashing to the car and flying to the nearest restaurant getting in and seated at 8.45 to be told you’ve 5 mins to old before kitchen calls last orders! Cue mad scanning of menu and super quick ordering. All a bit rushed. It was lovely to be out together again on our own as was first time we had been out on our own together since “A” had joined us. We went to a local ice cream parlour for desert at 10pm and got masshooosivee ice creams i mean proper huge! (Well it maybe a while before we got back :)) It was lovely and we both agreed we should make a evening a week from then on officially  “Date night”.

2013-08-26 11.53.36

Sauce for your pizza anyone?

I do think it’s important to have a evening like this designated to spending time together, ditching the laptop, the cleaning etc. Of course you could say well don’t you see each other every evening well yes we do but evenings are filled with dinner, the gym, hubby working on his motocross bike, me sewing, cleaning, blogging etc and even though we are together in the same house even the same room were not “spending proper time” with one another if we are busy doing other things.

So “date night” is our little night, so far we haven’t left our house on date night, instead we have had takeaways and home cooked dinners, popcorn and choocie, dvds and dads army ( aw you know you love it!) but most of all we have’ had a laugh!

Some nights have got a little out of hand.. cue picture below, yes that really happened, like the painting scene in miranda  hubby looked at me during quite sad part in moulin rouge, lifted the pen off the coffee table beside him and before I knew it I had this moustache …well “movembers coming up soon who says women can’t join in”


We are hoping to venture out past the front door for our Christmas date night and dare I say it I may even slap on some fake tan!!!

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