Creative rooms..

Why do bathrooms have to be dull and boring? All white or cream tiles. Most bathrooms I have seen are pretty plain, bland ..just boring but there is one that is AMAZING!!! Yes fab-u-lous!! It belongs to my parents and is the small bathroom attached to the far living room that used to be our ” playroom” when my siblings and I where growing up. Mum is so creative and artistic, she is very talented at painting and she painted a huge mural on all four walls of  mine and my sisters bedroom depicting a fairytale scene of princesses castles dragons etc from a fave book of ours when we were small.  She then decided to paint the playroom bathroom a beautiful underwater scene for us too!

2013-10-16 14.52.03

It was a huge hit with not only our family but any children who we were friends with us and in and out of the house over the years too! As we have all grown up we have sort of taken the bathroom for granted. There are the times when people come in and have never seen the room before and are surprised when they pop to the loo lol and its then that we remember how fab it is.

2013-10-16 14.52.12

My dad wanted to paint it over and tile etc a few years ago but mum didn’t want too and boy am I glad they didn’t, as “A” loves like love love loves this room for bath times at nannie and granda’s. What little one wouldn’t! She hates getting out of the bath and we end up singing songs and dancing about etc whilst getting dried to distract her from the fact shes out of the water. Not in this bathroom though! Its like being in a story book and she looks up at the walls and babbles away, happy as larry.

2013-10-16 14.52.38The pictures really doesn’t do mums fab mural justice the sea is fab up close a mixture of greens and blues with shimmery glitter, with fishes, turtles and even a swimming monkey. My dream is to do this to our bathroom or something similar. I want to do a mural in “A’s” room too but want to wait till shes a bit bigger and can really appreciate it. Until then you’ll find us having many more splish splashing bath times  in nannies bathroom!

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