A product I love..

So Iv’e decided to start a new weekly post “A Product I love”, this is going to be a Short post every week showcasing products or items Iv’e bought and I use  regularly, love and want to share with you!

So my first “A product I love” is:

Bloom and Blossom Mother and Baby Oil-2013-10-02 09.50.57

So I bought this oil before I had “A” but I had not tried it out until recently… I bought after researching for products I could use for both me and the then unknown baby. I wanted to try and get a product made in the UK if possible as everything I came across was from lands far far away so when I read about Bloom and Blossom in a parenting magazine and read that they were a UK based and  made product I thought I have to try this out. The  MOTHER AND BABY OIL has been specifically developed for pregnant women, new mothers and babies and is completely natural and chemical free! 

It has only 5 ingredients Camomile flower oil, hemp seed oil, essential oil of lavender, vitamin E and olive fruit oil. Its suitable for newborn skin which is why I bought it in the first place but we never got round to using it until 8months. We’ve been using it for little while now its gorgeous, lovely and silky really moisturises both her skin and mine. Its perfect for baby massage. Iv’e added a little drop to bath water before and its lovely. It smells a little earthy/flowery, quite light. It costs £16.00 for 100 mls, although that’s not super cheap its not super expensive and for the amount iv’e used up until now it will definitely last a good length of time.

I would definitely buy some more when it ruins out! What baby oil based product do you use and recommend?

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