Puddles in the Park

2013-10-20 15.21.23Autumn has arrived in all its lovely shades of copper and golds! Iv’e always loved autumn and winter, i think its because i’m a bit scarf and jumper obsessed, I love getting all layered up and heading out for walks especially in snow.. don’t get me started on how much I love snow… Any how this week it’s been really noticeable that the weather has really turned and there is a bit of a nip in the air. That didn’t stop us though as hubby had a rare day off during the week we headed out to a local park for a walk.

We are lucky enough that where we live we have lovely parks and forests quite close by and best of all they are all free! Perfect for us when trying to keep the little lady entertained but doing so on a budget.

So off we set Hubbs, “A” in the buggy n “doos” our little dog. Tramping through puddles and mud with the autumn wind blowing and at times rain spitting down but as happy as larry!

2013-10-20 15.10.42We came across a lovely little group of geese (as far as i’m aware they are African geese) out for a walk too! They live in the park  summer through til now and will soon migrate for the winter. They are so tame its unbelievable. Hubby fed one a piece of bread and it took it right from his hand.

2013-10-24 15.08.192013-10-24 15.08.13We had a little chat to “MR G”  for a few minutes “A” babbling some incoherent but quite convincing conversation at him but as you can see he was less than impressed and from the picture on the left you can see he looked slightly cross. So we left him and wandered off towards the pond or “its a lake not a pond” as my hubby corrected me, so off we wandered to the LAKE! Now we love ducks in our house as i’m sure you know if you have read a few of my previous posts and “A” loves looking at them and talking to them and throwing the occasional piece of bread semi in their direction. We spent about 15 minutes watching the ducks and the swans and feeding them and she loved every minute of it!

2013-10-20 15.08.322013-10-20 15.08.20

I soon realised that I am the biggest scaredy cat in our family, as I was the only one who nearly leaped out of their skin when one of the grey baby swans clumsily clambered up out of the water and onto the path beside us. They are huge, like proper up to my hip height of the pram eye level with “A” huge!

2013-10-24 15.09.44

“A” thought this was brilliant and started waving at it! I think it was a total novelty for her as it’s bound to look massive to someone so small! However despite hubby’s best effort to reassure me that it wasn’t going to go on the attack and was just being nosy I wasn’t convinced so we headed off to walk the remaining part of the forest path.

However like something out of the three billy goats gruff trying to cross the bridge we had to pass 3 more swans one of whom after this picture was taken started to flap and hiss and charge after our dog.. cue hubby trying to run away with a dog and pram and me running around like a loon trying to catch up to them without getting in the path of the swan! All to the soundtrack of  “A” shouting “Hiya” her new word which she says alot at the moment.

2013-10-20 15.11.33After all that pan-d-mon-e-um and running around it was nice to have a little wander looking at the trees and squirrel spotting. Which wasn’t hard to do as they where everywhere that day much to the delight of “A” as they are quite tame and stay quite close when you go near them so she got a proper look at them! My camera skills leave much to be desired but I did manage to capture a picture taken on my phone of a squirrel on the branch above us. After our walk / escape from the birds we decided we’d earned something nice so we popped to the bakery on the way home for a box full of yummy buns (shh don’t tell my fitness  bootcamp trainer) ….

2013-10-20 15.37.49


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24 thoughts on “Puddles in the Park

  1. ah a day out with ducks, geese and swans is great fun. You’re right though, those cygnets are huge when you get one out of the water! We have a huge amount of GreyLag Geese near us too, they seem to be really growing in numbers.

  2. Looks like a lovely trip out. Ducks are pretty harmless but geese can be a bit nasty if they choose. Usually they just ignore you if you don’t have food! Feeding them makes a good focus to a country walk though so don’t be put off. Careful what you wish for with the snow. Apparently we are in for a snowy November! Thank you for sharing your park on Country Kids.

  3. Our local park in London before we moved had a wonderful pond always filled with geese and ducks and it was lovely to take the kids to visit them. I agree with you as I get very nervous around swans.

  4. I’m a complete scardey cat when it comes to geese. There’s a massive flock of them in our local park and they are so brazen, will literally chase you down the path if they think you’ve got food! Cheeky beggars 😉 #letkidsbekids

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