Our Dream Garden

We live in the countryside and our garden backs onto open grassy fields, with hedgerows and a few large trees down either side. The garden is currently an empty space with only a single tiny swing, a little dull and boring for our little girl who adores being outside.

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If I could give our garden a make over and turn it into our dream garden this is what I’d do:

 Everyone knows there are fairies at the bottom of the garden! So Id build a little garden for our little fairies to live! In a plant pot, a basket or wheelbarrow, with a little tree stump house  with door and windows, a garden path and fence! The perfect way to capture “A’s” imagination!

Fairy Garden

I’d nestle it in beside a beautiful wildflower area that i’d plant with cowslip, musk mallow and lots of lovely Sweet William, just like my Granda had when I was small and the little lady and I could watch all the little butterflies and bumble bees going about during the summer.


Wild flower garden

In the corner of the garden I’d place the  fabulous Tp toys Forest Villa 2 from Activity toys direct  as a garden’s not a garden without a place to play hide and seek, pirates on ships and monkeys in trees and this villa would be perfect for providing hours of fun! It has a lovely little playhouse area with a veranda for shouting “ahoy there sailor” from. It has a slide for a quick get away, and a sandpit to dig for treasure, make sand castles or bury our toes! It has a picnic table where we could sit and munch our lunch and have sandy sandwiches just like at the seaside! I know it would be a hit for the many days spend outside over the coming years.

At the other side of our garden i’d place the EXIT inTerra 8ft round Trampoline from Activity toys direct . There’s nothing our little lady likes better than bouncing up and down, bouncing on beds, on sofas, on daddys knee or shoulders, so this would be perfect for her. Being a slightly stressy mum and having seen far too many bangs, bumps and bruises on friends children from tumbles on or off tall trampolines this trampoline ticks all my safety check boxes. The springs are enclosed ( no nipped fingers or toes) and its at ground level! So much safer and so much easier for a little one to hop on and off and who am I kidding I would totally love it too!

You can’t live in the countryside and not have a tractor, so I’d get her a step2 pedal Farm Tractor from Activity toys direct , so she could pedal round the garden just like the farmers in the fields.


The last toy Id add for our little lady has to be a step 2 waterwheel Play table from activity toys direct for water play as she loves water, especially splashing water and it would be lovely to be able to do this outside in the summer rather than in the bathroom, kitchen etc and would save me mopping up the sopping wet floors!

Step2 Waterwheel Play Table

To finish the garden I’d include a little veg patch  that we can plant carrots, cabbages and more. I love the idea of teaching “A” about growing food and helping her pick her own and then get to eat it. And of course my much longed for chicken coup. I’ve wanted chickens for ages now and hubby’s promised some possibly in the summer?! We just worry our resident foxy might think we’ve bought him some dinner, so we have to plan the enclosure well.

This concludes OUR DREAM GARDEN 🙂

This blog post is an entry into the Tots100/Activity Toys Direct Garden Makeover competition





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