No more Photos…

As many of you have probably noticed whilst reading my blog there are not many photo’s of my little girl in which you can see her clearly. Nor is her name used online we simply call her “A” or “baby bear”. This has been intentional,I am an overprotective stressy mum when it comes to protecting her from the big bad world. I know that many will think i’m being a bit ott but I don’t want photo’s of her being taken off my site and used for dear knows what innocent or not so. It’s so easy to save a picture from any blog or online site. I’m not tech savvy so I wouldn’t know how to put the settings so you couldn’t save my pictures as I know some others do do this! (If you know how to let me know :))

Now maybe your wondering why are you saying this yet again as I mentioned it in a past post, well now my blogs been up and running for a few months and my views are ever increasing last month I had views from 18 different countries! (Yes I was gobsmacked at that too, why on earth do they want to read anything little old me says!) Anyhow i’ve started to look at my stats a little closer and the other day I noticed that some visitors had been directed to my blog via google images. It didn’t say what they had searched for nor gave me the image they got but I was actually surprised and kinda shocked when I typed Elliebearbabi into google images and up popped loads of my pictures as well as loads of pictures of other bloggers I interact with. And because I am a worrier instead of thinking “oh look how fab people will see these and be able to see my blog” I thought “oh frig these are online forever and some have “A” in them” cue the anxiety.

See I have read about how a number of individuals have taken photo’s off of blogs and sites and the child’s photo has been manipulated, photo shopped and used for horrific reasons and added to horrific sites. Yes I am aware that this may never happen to me or anyone I know,  but the fact it could happen and has happened is enough reason for me to not want to include pictures of “A”! And no I am not trying to scare anyone nor am I saying that if you put pictures up of your little ones you are doing anything wrong because your not! But for me I can’t I’d worry too much.

Hubby feels the same he has “bakebook” ( “bake” pronounced beacck” is used as slang in N.I for someones face aw defeats purpose of writing the slang when I have to explain it doesn’t it lol) otherwise known as facebook anyway He has never put “A”‘s pictures up not even one. Some people think this is weird and that he is in some way an uncaring daddy but hes not hes 100% amazing super fantastic best dad of the year award! Hes just like me protective. So I have decided that from now on “A” will never been in pictures where in anyway you can see her face… just warning you in advance incase you think my camera skills take a turn for the worse soon!

p.s please don’t be offended by this especially if you post lots of lovely pictures of your gorgeous kids I adore reading your blogs, comments etc I just wish I could be easy going and a stress free mum in regards to this and maybe in time I will! I’ll keep you all posted!

*cue the backlash…runs and hides*

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2 thoughts on “No more Photos…

  1. Awk I can see where ur comin from missy it’s scary how easy it is to download pics off websites and stuff. I do it all the time with facebook but I dont use them for anything sinister…unfortunately not everyone is like me. U do what u think is right for ur daughter missy thats all u can do xxx

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