Shadow Theatre

She found her shadow! We were sitting in the living room playing with the “treasure basket” items and the sun started to stream through the window at just the perfect angle to make “A’s” shadow.

2013-10-14 11.44.38

2013-10-14 11.44.21

At first she didn’t notice, then she moved and caught a glimpse of it move and whipped round and just stared! Then started crawling around giggling trying to grab it!

2013-10-14 11.44.022013-10-14 11.44.05

We played for a good 15 minutes on the floor crawling after “doos” our dogs shadow after mine and after hers! She waved at her’s and clapped her hands! I lifted different bits and bobs from around the room like the cushions, remote controls and a few of her different toys and moved their shadows  about in front of her. She was mesmerised! I gave her the items and helped her move them about and watch the shadows and she giggled her wee head off. It was probably the cutest thing I ever seen!

Then as quickly as it arrived the sun disappeared, and the shadows disappeared. She looked all around her scanning the room for them, looked and me and with her little cute smirk crawled back to her  treasure basket and dived straight back into it as if nothing had ever happened!

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