MikaB Teething Jewellery

Teething, the word all mum’s dread! “A” got her first 2 teeth at just 4 months and she suffered terribly for a few days before and during the teeth cutting her tiny gums. She didn’t get her second set until 3months later at 7months but the teething was just as bad as before! She gnawed at everything she could get her hands on, toys, the straps of her carseat/highchair, my tops, books, you name it she was biting it including any jewellery I had on that day! We are now in the midst of a new set of teeth arriving as she has started to bite her teething toys real hard again and is showing some signs of discomfort starting. Cue teethers in the fridge!

I will try anything to help her when she’s teething and have been looking into alternative teething toys etc over the last few months. I had heard of teething jewellery but never seen any as no mums I know have any currently but I thought in theory they sounded like such a great idea! So when Dominika of MikaB teething Jewellery contacted me and asked if I would like to try out a few of her fabulous pieces.I was totally delighted! As many of you know I have recently started to try and revamp my wardrobe and give myself a mini-make over, basically attempting to make myself look and feel a bit better post baby bump going from drab to a bit more fab! I loved the idea of adding some new pieces of jewellery to complete my new outfits and that the jewellery would have a purpose benefiting “A” as well as looking nice!

I was so excited when I had a peek at MikaB’s site at how modern and on trend the pieces are. They really look like pieces of fashion jewellery and really are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and I knew they would really add the finishing touch to many of my new outfits! The colours cater to all tastes, ranging from deep navy blues to summery aqua turquoises, meaning the jewellery can match every outfit in your wardrobe.


There are three main items within the MikaB collection currently, Bangles, Pendants and Necklaces. I was lucky enough to be sent one of each item, a gorgeous turquoise bangle ( which has hardly left my wrist since it arrived), a purple bead necklace and a turquoise circle pendant. The quality of the jewellery is brillant, it is all made of food grade silicone which is 100% non-toxic so perfectly safe for your little one to munch on!

13820071426751382009115535I love all of the 3 pieces equally I couldn’t pick a fave!

The pendants come in two shapes angel tear and circle and in 6 colours. They are priced at Euro 12.50 which is unbelievably reasonable in my opinion. The cord is black and has a safety snap clasp which means not only is it comfy to wear but also reassures you that your little one will not get tangled or caught in it. It only take a slight pressure for the snap to open! I love it, I’ve wore it with a couple different outfits so far (as I love a bit of black very slimming don’t you know :)) and Iv’e had a few compliments about it. Everyone so shocked (in a good way) when I have told them its actually a piece of teething jewellery. “A” grabbed it and bit it straight away once she seen it around my neck. She looked at me as if I was going to say no the way I have done in the past with other necklaces as have been afraid they would break in her mouth and hurt her or she would swallow a part. But I pretended to bite it too n she gave me a big smile n chewed away happily!

1382009167884The bangles are Euro 9.50 each and come in 5 colours .I received a turquoise one, its gorgeous has a beautiful shimmer off it. It looks solid but when you feel it it’s soft and bendy. I was worried I might not get it over my hand as sometimes bangles just don’t seem to fit but this was so easy to pop on and off and really comfy to wear. I literally have not taken it off since I got it as it just goes with everything! I wore it on Sunday with a more dressy outfit, but have also wore it with jeans and hoodie just out for a walk! So very versatile, if you wanted just one piece of teething jewellery I would suggest a bangle as it is perfect for every outfit everyday especially if you pick a colour that matches alot of your outfits. It is the perfect size for a little hand to grab whilst on your wrist and “A” loved it, so much I had to take it off during meal times as she just wanted to grab it!


The necklaces are 16.50 Euro each which is still really reasonable! They are bead style but also made of silicone on a beautiful ribbon also with a safety snap clasp.

I received a purple one! This is the item out of all three that I received most compliments about! There are 12 colours to choose from ranging from greys and blues to white and red.

The necklace really dressed up even my simplest outfit, hoodie and jeans ( see pic to right) and this was “A’s” absolute fave out of all three! I was wearing this the other day when I visited a friend and I lifted her little boy who is about 11 months, he grabbed it straight and started biting the beads! So hands down a winner all round! The pieces are easily washed just simply wash in warm soapy water and dry!

All in all I really love the MikaB range. I can’t think of any negatives as I think they really have catered for all tastes both in terms of style and colour. I will be recommending these to friends for sure and I have a feeling I will be purchasing a few pieces for Christmas pressies and maybe sneak a few more for myself too!

Fancy having a look at the whole MikaB range check out the website here  .

Pop over and visit me at my new blog http://www.elliebearbabi.co.uk/

Get 15% off with the code BR2013* valid until 31.12.2013

I was sent these pieces free of charge for review purpose’s but all the views and pictures are 100% my own!


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