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October for many means Halloween! I don’t do Halloween but that’s another post, the only thing I did do usually every Halloween was give in to the lure of choccie and sweeties of every description that are stuffing the supermarket shelves currently. Last Halloween I was nearly 8 months pregnant and I was able to have a few sweeties etc without much guilt. This year the tables have turned and I am avoiding all things scrummy and calorie ladien and have signed up for a fitness bootcamp!

Yes I have officially lost the plot, I realised that myself on the first night of the class when I was surrounded by a bevvy of gorgeous slim fit girls complaining they needed to loose their non-exsistent fat and me and about 3 others stood at the back of the class looking at each other with a sense of empathy as we all could see we had very exsistent fat to lose. I can say I have never sweated as much in my life as I did in that first class. The trainer a lady who looked as muscly as one of those male mens fitness magazine models barked orders from the front of the room and I genuinly was afraid to stop doing the exercises incase she singled me out! It did however make me properly work out and really put 100% effort in and afterwards I felt a sense of achievement. I did however ache for the rest of the week, my aches even had aches, but I truly have felt the better for it! So I am now into week 2 of classes and have lost about 4lb not much but an improvement at least. Also it is to help raise money for Diabetes UK so makes me more determined to stick to the program and try my best.

The lovely medal all “home sweet home” participants received! Mine is hanging on wardrobe door as a reminder every morning getting dressed that I will get fit one step at a time! 🙂

This week I have also completed  the “HOME SWEET HOME” virtual run. As it is a virtual run, you could choose to run/walk/bike either 5k/10k/13.1 miles, in any location around the world! The run was organised by the lovely Sarah Scott based in California. The money raised will be given to Family House a not-for-profit organization providing temporary housing to families of seriously ill children receiving treatment for illness such as Cancer at the University of California San Francisco Benioff Children’s Hospital. Over the course of a year the family house at their two locations serve more than 2,000 families.

I found out about this via Twitter and thought It was a great goal to set myself in my quest to get fit and a great cause to donate towards. I set myself the goal to do the 13.1 miles walking it but decided to break it up over 2 days as I worked out a 6mile-ish route round the country roads near me!

The little lady and I walk daily so of course she was going to do the 13.1 miles with me! As it’s suddenly turned colder I had to wrap her up snuggly and we set off!

"A" and her bff Bunny ready for Home Sweet Home Virtual Run

“A” and her bff Bunny ready for Home Sweet Home Virtual Run

You can just see "A's little toes on either side of me as she is on my hip before we head off!

You can just see “A’s little toes on either side of me as she is on my hip before we head off!

2013-08-27 10.15.41The first day was lovely it wasn’t too windy, and was dry! The little lady loved having a good nosy at everything around her during our slightly longer than usual walk!

The second day, the heavens opened and I was drenched! Not soaked, properly drenched head to toe by the time I got home! Luckily “A” was sound asleep wrapped up like a little angel under blanket, her cosy toes and rain cover. She snoozed the whole way round and was as ” warm as toast” as we say when she woke at home again!

Even though I was soaked and freezing I felt really positive and pleased to have done it!  I’m actually quite proud of myself for completing the walk maybe the next time if i’m fit enough i’ll jog it!!

If you think you fancy giving a virtual run a go well your in luck as Sarah has organised another event the “Across the Pond” virtual run which is happening  between 1st Jan-31st Jan! Perfect way to start the new year! Look at the gorgeous medal you’ll receive! 

Pop over and visit me at my new blog

Sign up here or if you’d like more info tweet Sarah Scott here!


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