Inspired by the lovely Karen ‘s autumn activities list, I decided to write my own wee list for this winter!

This is “A’s” second winter as she was born in Jan last year and came home to snow and spent her first few months wrapped up like a little snow-woman every time we ventured outside. She was so tiny last winter and wouldn’t remember it so this winter I want to make winter memories for her and me and hubs. I have bought a couple plain scrapbooks and I am going to fill them with pictures of our days out play times and home and general bits and bobs.

So here is my list of things i want to do over the winter…with her

1- Take her to the beach on a windy day.. no i am not crazy, honest. We did this so much when we were little, my parents sis and bro and we all loved it, got wrapped up, hats scarfs welly boots and set off. We have a gorgeous fleece lined zip up water proof suit which goes over whatever the little one is already wearing for extra warmth which we bought for her for winter walks so will have to get it on her and head to the beach for a winter walk!

2- Head to the swimming pool every week- although I love swimming i have been reluctant to don a swim suit as i feel very self conscious of my post-baby figure, but i feel i owe it to “A” to take her to the pool as she adores the bath and shower and loves nothing more than splashing about. We have a couple of great pools near by (one with a lazy river 🙂 ) which i cannot wait to take her to!

3-Starting in November i am going to attempt to take a photo of her a day in the same spot until next November, i saw this done from day 1(birth- a year) and it was amazing. I take photo’s of her everyday be it on my phone or camera but i want a uniformed picture that i can put together in a scrapbook to really show how she’s changed every single day!

4-I have taken her to only one baby group once (hangs my head in shame) but no one spoke to me when we were there. It was so uncomfortable and uneasy and I decided I am never going again, but maybe I should have given it another go? So I am going to take her to a new group  and if we like it I’m going to try and go weekly!

5- Sounds silly but I just want to have a snuggle day were we stay in our pjs all day and do nothing. I always feel as if I have to be up, dressed full face of make up on and ready to go by 7.30 else I am not organised! I never just have a day were we chill out on sofa and watch a dvd, hopefully as she’s getting older we maybe able to stretch to watching even a clip or mini episode of something before she gets bored as shes always on the go and needs to be doing something all the time!

6- I want to do some messy play with her every other day. We currently do  about once a week, some sort of painting or water play or paper etc but I could get more organised and do more often. I love crafty bits n pieces and as she gets bigger want to do more arty creative things with her.

7-I would like to take her back to the zoo when it gets colder because i have lovely memories of being at zoo with hubby when he was the bf and it was snowing and was so nice and she loves the animals, loved the zoo first visit this summer and being outside and wrapped up well i know well have another great day.

8-Take the train up to my parents, normally we take the car but id love to see if i could manage a calm journey with her up in the train. Be a nice change from the hour and half drive and a new experience for her.

9- Take her a walk to the forest when the leaves change colour because they are gorgeous and she is so interested and wanting to look about and explore all the time and loves touching leaves and branches and the textures i think she’d love it.

10- Hubbs and I both want to take her to the aquarium, indoors so perfect for winter!

11-I want to take her to see “SANTA” in dec time … how this will go i have no idea but we’ll see.

12- take her to see the christmas lights in the local villages and towns…can you tell i’m so so excited about christmas!!!!

13- do some hand and feet prints each month, something i should have done more of. I have when she was 11 days old and about 3months then no more until recently.

14. be spontaneous, It’s so much easier to get out and about with her now she’s 9 months, so i’m going to try and do some spur of the moment days out (suggestions welcomed)…

What are you looking forward to doing this winter? xXx

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4 thoughts on “Winter…

  1. All of your plans sound brilliant! Don’t feel bad though if you are not always doing something, it sounds like you do way more with A than the average mum 🙂

    I’m a bit the same though. My boys both love being out and about so we are always doing something. My oldest has only just started to like TV! It a bit of a revelation I must admit and means at times I can actually get on and do stuff at home x

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