QV Skincare- a review

images (2)Dry skin is something that runs in our family to varying degrees, from a little dry to more severe eczema. A couple weeks after “A” was born i noticed her wee skin was a little dry and the doctor gave us a horrible greasy cream which i hated putting on her and did not seem to make a great difference. I have tried so many shop bought creams claiming to be the miracle cure for dry skin or for sensitive skin, but none have been 100% what i have been looking for.

I myself have had dry skin on my hands to varying degrees over the last few years from my days working in hospitals using the harsh soaps and alcohol gels and after having “A” i have continued that hand washing and anti-bacterial gel use pretty much religiously over the last 9 months. All the creams i have used to combat the dryness are either horrible and greasy, or light and do not seem to make the slightest bit of difference, that was up until we came across QV skincare.

I was lucky enough to be sent 5 products from the QV range-  a bath oil, a gentle wash, a skin lotion, a cream and an intensive ointment. 

The Gentle wash is a lovely light cleanser perfect for sensitive skin. I have been using it as a soap alternative when washing my hands and it has made a noticeable difference to my hands. Its also great for taking make up off and leaves your skin lovely and soft which is always a bonus for me. It comes in 250 and 500ml.

The bath oil has been brilliant. I was worried it would be greasy or make the bath super slippy and slippy and babies in baths are not a good combination. But the oil was lovely and light non-greasy, dispersed into the water turning it milky but not leaving a residue afterwards. I used it every day for “A’s”  evening bath a small 5ml into a bath full is all that is needed, it left her skin lovely and smooth and she hasn’t had any dryness since we started using it! Result!

The skin lotion is a light moisturiser which can be used as an all over body lotion. I found it really made my skin feel moisturised and healthy. I use a little every now and again throughout the day especially about 20 minutes after using anti-bacterial hand gel. Using it in combination with the gentle wash i feel has really helped improve my skin especially on my knuckles. It can also be used to remove make up too!!

2013-10-01 12.27.32The QV cream is a more intensive cream, great for knees, elbows etc. I gave this to my mum to test out and she thinks its great! It sits beside the kitchen sink and Iv’e noticed her use it after washing dishes or her hands or just at random times during the day. She has also used it as a moisturiser and although its thicker found it to be still non greasy and leaves skin very soft and smooth.

2013-10-01 12.27.11Finally the Intensive Ointment is a highly emollient balm its a thick ointment, waxy in appearance. I gave this to my sister who has eczema which is quite severe at times. This has been the cream of the crop so to say as this cream is the best she has tried and she has tried everything. She said she noticed an improvement within a few days of using. She even took it on holidays! This ointment is designed to protect, sooth and promote healing, perfect for eczema.

QV range provides a fun way to get the kids involved, with a sticker chart and pack of stickers. Get them to pick a sticker and place it on the chart twice a day or whenever they use the products. As well as booklets with QV bear Qool Vince a cute white polar bear. They also have an app called ‘Beat the Itch with QV’, “a game for children with dry and sensitive skin conditions such as eczema. The app, available on iPhone and iPod Touch, features our loveable bear, Qool Vince, in a race against time to apply his QV emollients before he gets too itchy”. “A” is too young to benefit from these but i used the chart and stickers anyway to keep track of when i had used the products.

images (1)

All in all the 4 week trial has been great and we are converted for sure. We love the products, no one in our family who tried the products had any complaints! A big thumbs up from us!

You can purchase the QV range here, and QV skincare have been kind enough to give me a discount code to share with all of you lovely lot, just enter MUMMY13  for 15% off the products!

(I was sent these products free of charge for review purposes but all of pictures and views are my own- 100% honest review)

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