Motocross with daddy & granda

2013-09-28 14.57.29Motocross is a major part of our family life. Hubby has been riding since he was a child and spends most weekends racing or practicing. “A’s” granda, hubbys dad also rides but no longer races and her great-granda still rides a road bike so its safe to say motor-bikes are in the blood in our family. The little lady would have heard the rumbling sound of motocross engine regularly before she was even born and now sits and watches motocross live streamed with daddy online or on TV, it’s the only TV she will watch. However up until the last few weeks she had cried if she heard the bikes in real life near her.

Then a few weeks ago when her dad was washing the bike outside i brought her out and he started it and she just stared, then smiled and since then she hasn’t bated an eyelid. So today was a surprisingly gorgeous sunny day and hubby and his dad planned to go practice in a friends field so we tagged along, “A” her auntie, nannie and “doos” our little schnoodle to watch!

2013-09-28 15.22.062013-09-28 15.24.17

Doos “A” and loveli Auntie Z

She spent the first half an hour exploring the hedgerows with her auntie, looking at bumble bees and a butterfly and talking to the cows in the field beside and of course petting “doo’s” while daddy and granda set up the bikes. I was a little worried she mite freak out when the bikes started or get bored and restless! So we took two cars as well as the bike van so that I could take her home if need be.

2013-09-28 15.22.00

Watching her daddy

2013-09-28 14.41.17


But she surprised us all and was totally into the bikes! She was beaming ear to ear. She watched them go up and down the hills and off into the distance and back up close again. Every time they came near her again she bounced up and down in her aunties arms with excitement! We have a 9 month old adrenaline junkie!

Her dad and granda were both so pleased. They both have wanted her to like the bikes. Her dad especially as he eats, sleeps and breathes motocross and they kept waving at her when they went past, stopping for hugs and of course photo’s of the little lady on the bikes with them!



It was lovely and warm surprisingly for September and we stayed in the field for about 2 hours before we decided we’d leave the two men to it and head home ( to order some take away for dinner yum!). “A” really enjoyed herself, not once was she restless or bored. Being outside with her is lovely and its great that she enjoys it. Was such a lovely family day out may not be a typical family day but for us its just perfect.

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2013-09-28 15.28.38

Just checking its daddy underneath that helmet!


4 thoughts on “Motocross with daddy & granda

  1. As you say it’s been so mild for September that you have to take the opportunity and get out! The field seemed to suit everyone in your party, the guys were off on their bikes and the girls explored nature and the surrounding area – everyone’s happy. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  2. Aww I’m glad she enjoyed the bikes – think she’d be in trouble if she didn’t. I bet she will soon be riding one of her own and you’ll look back on this and think wow it’s where it all started.

    • Im going to try and keep her off a bike as long as i can .. so dangerous hopefully she’ll leave it to daddy but if he has anything to do with it she’ll be on one as soon as she can walk lols. x

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