Cloth nappies part 2- The practical baby co.

Review- 2013-09-27 09.56.48

So as you may or may not know we are attempting to venture into the world of cloth nappies see my previous post here, this is easier said than done! There are so many choices of cloth nappies on the market! I found it very hard as a newbie, to decide which company never mind which style of nappy we should try. The prices are a little scary at times too especially if you are working to a budget like I am. So during an evening internet trawl searching for info about cloth nappies I happened across The practical baby company , I like to read up on the companies ethos etc because I am a bit of a geek and I loved theirs! Kate Seeger is the founder, a mum herself she created the practical baby company out of ” the frustration I felt in not finding products that worked properly, or if they did, were too expensive and out of my budget.” This sounded just like someone like minded to myself. I still expected the prices to be high though as I have seen some of the well known bigger brands claim they are budget friendly but they are not exactly what you would call bargains. I was super surprised though at how fabulous Kate’s prices are! Totally affordable meaning if the practical baby nappy worked for us we could easily afford to buy a full “kit”  without breaking the bank!

Kate is based in Dorset and offers a brillant advice and demo service in that and surrounding areas as well as lists on her site a number of other ladies who are more than happy to give advice in person or via email. I thought this was fab as at least I found it really daunting and didn’t know where to start with cloth so easily accessible advice from “professional cloth nappy users” is great!  I got in touch with Kate for advice about where to start with cloth and if she thought her nappy system would work for me? Kate got back to me super quick and offered me great impartial advice. It’s not often you would get a cloth nappy co tell you their nappy is only one of many and you could try a range of different ones, she even offered to help me source a few others if i needed help.

I however opted to try a trial nappy from The practical baby co to see if it was indeed a unique cloth nappy system!

My trial kit included :1 waterproof nappy outer, 1 regular fleece sleeve, 1 custom medium sleeve in cotton, 1 ultrafibre cloth and 2 bamboo 2 layer fine inserts.

(Two bamboo inserts missing from pic as in wash)

(Two bamboo inserts missing from pic as in wash)

The nappy is essentially a two/three part nappy, with a waterproof outer/wrap and an insert that is made up of two parts a sleeve and your “core cloths”. The First thing i noticed is the wrap is much smaller than the other wraps on the market which is a huge plus for me as I’m not so keen on the massive bums cloth nappies give.

2013-09-27 09.53.06The outer (wrap) is like nothing else on the market, it is made with a velcro friendly fabric which means it is totally 100% adjustable to fit your baby. This for me is the selling point. I got this nappy to fit snuggly on “A” with ease, no gaps, no worries of leaks!! It is adjustable from all angles both from top, bottom and sides without creating bulky rolls or hollows of material, Now tell me any other nappy on the market that does that?!

The insert and sleeves are really easy to use too. The core cloths come in bamboo and microfibre, because they are flat they dry in next to no time speeding up the laundry which is one of the main issues for cloth nappy users quick drying time! You can adjust the absorbency to suit you babies needs by adding or removing cloths. I found the ultrafibre cloth inside the regular fleece sleeve was perfect for day and we added the bamboo inserts at night!

2013-09-27 09.53.46

2013-09-27 09.53.19

I worried to begin with that folding the cloths would be too difficult or take to long but they are so quick and with the sleeve it is so easy to assemble the insert and keep everything in correct place. I love how the regular sleeve has fleece as it is super soft against babies skin!

Once the core cloths are inside the sleeve the regular or the larger sleeve whichever you choose, you simply pop the insert inside the wrap and tadah! Nappy complete! How simple is that? The great thing about the insert and wrap is if the nappy is only lightly wet etc you can simply wipe down the wrap and change the insert meaning you can purchase less wraps to use daily and less washing is a Bonus!

2013-09-27 09.54.33

The outer wrap is plain in colour this is the only thing I would probably say i would change to even an option of pink and blue or purple or something but that is just because I am a magpie and adore prints and colours! The upside of the plain wrap is the price by using plain colour the nappies are kept affordable!2013-09-27 09.53.06

All in all I highly recommend the practical nappy  from the practical baby co. With trial packs currently on offer at £15.00 which includes two waterproof covers and two inserts including 4 core cloths and 2 sleeves, they are well worth trying.

(I received a slight discount on the nappy for review purposes, but all my thoughts and photos are my own.. 100% love this nappy 🙂 )

If you’d like to see the nappy in action watch the clip below from Kate- founder of the practical baby co demonstrating the nappy!

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