Baby ball-pit

So both the little lady and I have been a bit under the weather lately and our playtime has been limited to short spells of doing whatever she fancies and can put up with at the time. She has a ball-pit in her room which is a blow up paddling pool with 2 bags of balls emptied in. It sits in the corner and there are days whenever she doesn’t even look at it but in the recent days shes taken an interest again. I think the colours really appeal to her she loves lifting them, throwing them out and back in again. Handing them to the dog 😦 which i have to take back off him again. She puts them on her head, she hits them off each other, off her bunny , off the floor. She puts them to her mouth and goes “awah wah wah wah” so cute. phone august 037 Now shes on the move she can crawl in and out of the ball pit with ease, She bounces on the sides of the pit, rolls over.. does “ball angels” kinda like a baby version of a snow angel but in a ball pit :).

She is now strong enough to pull the pit where ever she fancies and has pulled it even to the door. Shes pulled it over the top of herself and crawled off like a turtle..yes shes a little crazy but then if you knew me you’d understand were she gets that craziness 😉 She loves been covered in them and playing peak-a-boo..

Her fave thing though is to lie in the middle of it on top of the balls and for me to spin the pit and her around (not too fast i must add) like shes on a bed off rollers, she has a dare devil streak in her already, must be from her daddy!

Hours of fun have been had and there will be many more i’m sure and all for under a tenner! The pool bought for the summer heat wave we had was a bargain £2.99 in good old tkmax and the balls were 2 packs for £6.00 in tesco baby event during summer! Couldn’t beat that….

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