Duck duck goose!

I think there is nothing cuter than baby animals, cliche i know but they are just adorable. So when my sister told me there were lots of little baby ducks, chickens and more down at the riding yard she works I had to take the little woman down to see them.

sept photos 174

sept photos 173

sept photos 165

As soon as we stepped out of the car we saw a group of  gorgeous fluffy babies walking about between the stables. Ohhh they were adorable! My mum was with us and she literally wanted to take one home! I think she was the most excited about them out of everyone. Hubby didn’t really get the appeal and was less than impressed at my suggestion that we should get “A”  some chickens and ducks for home! (I’ll keep working on him as I think it would be such a great thing for her).

sept photos 163

As we walked further down the yard “super mummy” duck arrived with 12 ducklings yes 12 all walking in a row! Some smaller than others my sister informed me this is because they hatched at different times over the last few weeks. I’d never seen so many and in such a uniformed wee line waddling together! “A” just watched silently, I think she was trying to figure out if they were real or not 🙂sept photos 167

The most amazing thing i saw was a chicken who had “adopted” a baby duckling. She had not laid any eggs but instead had adopted a duck egg and sat on this one egg until it had hatched. The two of them pottering about the yard the little duckling following its mummy doing everything she was doing!

sept photos 159

“A” is so good at spotting and following little things, she was so excited to see the ducklings though seemed more interested in the larger ducks to be honest.

sept photos 154sept photos 164sept photos 162

She really loved it but a duck did have to be rescued from a near baby death grip at one point.. I don’t think shes really got it yet that grabbing  and holding on as tight as you can isn’t the best way to greet an animal, but we’ll get that eventually 🙂 .

All in all we had a “Quaking” good time 😉

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