lost my get up and go :( ….

This week, well week and a half I felt a little stressed, run down, homesick and generally over-tired. “A” still is unwell a secondary virus from croup and hasn’t slept more than 2hours at a time in about 3 weeks, hence my bleary eyes! The tiredness coupled with a bad head cold and feeling really homesick and  alone as we live an hour and half away from my family really got me down. I’ve felt so uninspired craft wise and really had a “sewing block” I had enrolled on a dressmaking course which i was so looking forward to but unfortunately hubby who works in building trade has taken on a job which clashed with course time so that was the end of that. I had hoped my craft biz Elliebearbabi would have taken off more than it has although its ticking over i had hoped for better and just felt like maybe i should just pack it in …. just felt completely deflated! RUBBISH!

But on Wednesday i woke up and decided i had to get out of the house and do something. Despite my cold and “A’s” snuffly nose i wrapped her up and we set off into town to fabric shop i hadn’t been to before that my gran has gone to for years and recommended. It is a little shop down a side alley, like something out of the 1940’s with reems of fabric in every corner, dusty boxes filled with buttons, zips, spools of thread, trim and bags of stuffing hanging from the ceiling. I felt like i’d gone back in time!sewin

“A” had fallen asleep and i was able to have a real rummage through boxes and rolls. I’m not sure how you feel if your a sewer and go into “sewing shops?” but here at least I feel mostly like i am in a library, every shop ive been to is so quiet with normally a shop assistant glaring at me like why is someone your age in here! I just always have hated going in and feeling on edge, this time it was completely different. The man who runs the place is early 40’s was wearing a band t-shirt, jeans, scruffy shoes and a flat cap, a wrist covered in festival bands and a tape-measure hanging around his neck. He was so friendly told me to lift whatever i want, work away! He smelt of drink but in a morning after night before way, he was like something out of a story book! The prices were UNBELIEVABLE bargain isn’t even the word, when i said to him he winked and said “best kept secret in northern ireland”!


I must have spent an hour in there and it did my soul good! I came out with a bag stuffed full of lovely bits n pieces but also with a spring in my step again and my creativity back on track. I have so many ideas again and the self-doubt has gone because i am gonna just give everything a go, relax and enjoy being creative. I am ready to really give EllieBearBabi more attention especially running up to Christmas and to not take everything so serious and see what happens! I am going to try to wake up each day and see things in a positive light and enjoy life… one day at a time!!!

Pop over and visit me at my new blog http://www.elliebearbabi.co.uk/


4 thoughts on “lost my get up and go :( ….

  1. So sorry to hear you have been feeling a little low lovely. I think it’s always the best thing to get out and about and force yourself to do things when you feed like that. The shop sounds like a real find and just what you needed! I just popped over to you shop and your stuff looks great – love the fabrics 🙂 x

  2. I’m not very crafty (though I’d love to be) but that sounds magical!!! I get that way in libraries like you say. I’m so glad you’ve had some inspiration, your a true talent missus xx

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