Welcome to the Wonderful world of cloth…

Part one:


So I have taken the brave step into the cloth nappy world! Clue a few squemish faces from some mums. Yes I too had the first thought of oh how gross a nappy that you have to wash! And the second thought how could you be bothered with the extra hassel. Well really I have had enough of disposables, we have had far too many midnight 4am full pj sleeping bag changes because a variety of well known branded and own brand disposables couldn’t hold a teaspoonful of water. Its unsettling A’s sleep because I have to completely change her top to toe and means I’m up and and down like a yoyo through the night ( I thought those sleepless nights where left behind in the newborn stage!). So I began searching online reviews of disposables hoping to find a own brand or something that would do the trick, during this search I kept coming across cloth nappy reviews and to begin with ignored them. Then thought I’ll have a peek see what all the fuss is about, i had no idea what a cloth nappy even looked like, to be fair I had an image in my head of a big towel and a safety pin! I  was pleasantly surprised at the great variety of brands and different types of nappy styles available. Of course being a bit of a magpie I was totally lured in by the gorgeous choice of fabrics and patterns that these nappies were made with. I searched on twitter cloth nappies and loads fab companies came up as well as some blogger posts about them. Inspired i decided to give them a go.

I always like to mention to hubby about things like this when they involved A and I thought he’d say it was weird thing to want to try but he surprised me and said we should give it ago, especially as long term it saves money. It wasn’t until I mentioned wanting to try cloth that he told me his mum used cloth for him, which surprised me as he’s only 26, suppose that’s me being naive but i kinda thought cloth had been used mainly before disposables and only recently became more popular again.

So having got well and truly got over my first wrong impressions about cloth nappies we are starting our little cloth journey…

So Where do you begin? If like me you had absolutely no first clue about where to even start I advise you get the laptop out and have a peek at some amazing mummy bloggers posts on cloth nappies, after all practical advise from another mummy is always the best way to go in my book! Have a look at Kelly Finn’s  ,  Laurennes and Ellas posts about cloth nappies.

Also have a peek at the well known nappy brands sites such as totsbots , itti bitti  Bambino mio  (and others) These sites offer great advise on how to use their nappies, what you’ll need etc and will help give you an idea of which nappy type will suit you best. There are also smaller brands and independents such as the practical baby company  which are well worth considering and very approachable and willing to give advise.

The lists above are not endless and there are many fantastic nappy companies out there, not all nappies are the same iv’e been told to try a few different types as what works for someone else may not work for us.  So sit down with a cuppa and have a nosy online at all the options.

I am slowly building up my “cloth stash” and as usual i am bargain hunting to the max to find the best prices but also good quality nappies as these are a long term investment if they work?!.

So far I have a little lamb onesize v2 in candyfloss colour, little lamb bamboo size 2 two part nappy, a totsbots bamboozle stretch plum colour, and white coloured two part nappies with wraps, a totsbots easyfit, a bambino mio pocket nappy, fuzzibunz elite and a practical baby co nappy, We are in the very early stages of figuring out which is the best for us . We have already ruled out the cheaper babyland nappies we have 3 but they leaked terribly even when boosted as they are simply too cheaply made in my opinion and “A” has quite slim legs , and they don’t work for us. Unfortunately I didn’t do my research before I bought them and paid too much for them off an online boutique  which sell them at £6.99 each which they state is a sale price down from £14.99, after researching they are mostly exclusively bought on ebay ( i assume this shop got them there) and you can get them for £0.99- £2.99 including P&P, which i should have done. In the US some are bought for as little as $0.39 so that tells you the quality, they may work for you though and are super affordable so don’t rule them out until you try!)

So keep an eye out over the next coming weeks as a few cloth nappy posts and reviews will be popping up from time to time as I keep you up to date with my attempt to cloth bum… Wish me luck, i may need it !!

Pop over and visit me at my new blog http://www.elliebearbabi.co.uk/


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