Touch and Explore

“A” is into exploring everything recently, she is officially on the move and crawls on all fours with confidence. Shes loves lifting things, pushing things about, throwing them and generally figuring out what they are all about.

Can you spot her?

Can you spot her?

I am trying to encourage her to explore all the different textures she comes in contact with, both inside the house (carpet, tiles, fleece, flanette etc) and outside the house, (grass, bricks, stone etc).

Crawling on the grass/ pulling the grass out

During our weekly walk in the park, I took the chance to gather up a few different leafs, berries and nuts to let her have a bit of natural  “textured play” in the afternoon.

I tried to lift a few different shapes and sizes to give her some variety. I didn’t lift too many because she is still only little and although her attention span is good I didn’t want to bombard her with half a forest.

I picked some chestnut leaves, with a chestnut nut that had fallen (had to be more careful with this one as it was a little spiky), a few acorns and their leaves and some others (ie ive no idea what type they are!)

I waited until the afternoon after she had had a little nap and was in good form and I popped her in the baby walker. ( I like to give her choice, so when shes in the walker she can go where she likes so  if she didn’t want to do textured play she didnt have to she could just take herself off a spin round the kitchen) Luckily for me my foraging efforts were not in vain and she decided to stick around for a little exploration.

She seemed to really enjoy it. I thought she would get a grip of the leaves and crumple or rip them as she loves demolishing her daddys motocross magazines much to his horror. But she was really gentle. She almost stroked them. I know she may not 100% got what I was on about when I was talking to her about them falling off the trees etc but hey no harm done. We had a look at all of the different ones for about 5 minutes before she zoomed off in search of something more exciting. When shes a bit older I think we will attempt some leaf pictures (sticking the leafs to paper or making leaf paint prints).

Such a simple way to show her something new and help her explore her little world one leaf at a time 🙂


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