Horsing around

I love animals, we’ve always had dogs at home since I was tiny, I grew up surrounded by furry friends of all types rabbits, guneia pigs, dogs etc As well as that over the years we’ve looked after random cats, lost dogs, cats and puppies that where from SANTA shh!! 🙂 Lost racing pigeons, an owl, a mole, my sister even brought a baby piglet home from work which slept in her room while she fed it for a few days! Both hubby and I have grew up around farms, he basically grew up on one, still milks the cows a couple nights a week and my family were best friends with a family who owned a large jersey farm, I am not ashamed to say I have won a young handler award showing cows 😉 about 10 years ago though. Yes we are animal lovers!

Ellie &  Pippa

Ellie & Pipp



I was determined that “A” should have the same exposure to animals as us. She has been used to our little schnoodle dog we nickname him “Doos” which wev’e had since we got married 3 years ago (aka our 1st baby), she also has always seen “pippa” my sisters hairy wheaten lurcher and “Ellie” the old english sheepdog who live at my parents from she was born but recently we’ve been introducing her to other animals. We took her to the zoo, shes been to the milking parlour with her daddy, we take a walk everyday down our field to visit “stanley” the tiny blonde shetland pony next door and every week we visit our local park that has a beautiful lake with swans, geese and ducks which she loves.

This week whilst up visiting the fam on the north coast we went to pick my sister up from work (shes a horse riding instructor pt a beauty therapist other half time, get that for a combo 🙂 ) and had an impromptu horse riding session! Yes babies can ride horse too! We eased her in gently introducing her to this beauty

R & A, A's first encounter with a horse

R & A, A’s first encounter with a horse

I think the face says it all smiling away behind the dummy (we needed it for courage I think). She had no fear, she put her hands out and stroked him and the others we went to. I was expecting her to be maybe a little strange with them as we say but she just took to them straight away. “R” took her round a few of the better behaved horses stables and she babbled away to them n petted their faces and necks very gently I must add!

We then got really brave! This is patches a little ex riding school horse think hes about 25 years old both me and my sister learnt to horse ride on him at this yard when we were small so that was a good while ago. Hes “retired” and just potters around the yard visiting people and horses 🙂 no headcollar or leads for him. “R” brought “A” down to see him and just popped her on his back before anyone could object!

I panicked for about two seconds then calmed as saw how happy both patches and “A” were. She was so pleased with her self she kept looking up at me and my mum and back to R beaming as if to say “look at me!” She lent forward and stroked his mane and back. So cute to watch. She didn’t want to get off, but we distracted her by showing her the ducks, ducklings, chickens and chicks.

Back at nannies after a change of clothes (horse hair and babies leggings are not a good combo), We had a little playtime on the grass in the back garden. It wouldn’t be nannies house if there wasn’t dogs and she had a ball quite literally, crawling about after them and just having a nice time outside.








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