Handmade and heartfelt hand-me-downs

A handmade nursery-

So we have bit the bullet and moved A into her own room! As painful and anxiety inducing as this is for me I know its whats best for her and shes sleeping like a log in her new room already. So since shes in her own room i thought id tell you a bit about it.

As many of you now know I love handmade things, I love how someone has sat down and been creative and put together something special, not a machine in a factory. I think handmade items are really having  a come back. A lot of the smaller baby shops local to me are now stocking a few handmade items made by local crafters or small independent businesses. Its lovely to get a unique item for “A” something everyone can’t pick up in a large department store. When planning her nursery I decided I wanted to include lots of different handmade items especially pillows throws etc and make the room fun but cosy too.

throw/playmat i made for A (big enough to fit a double bed)

throw/playmat i made for her

I decide to make this playmat for her for the floor, but made it big enough to fit a double bed or to be draped over a single if i ever wanted to use it for bedding. I wanted to make it quirky and use different patterns and colours, as her room is all white, with pink carpet we are introducing colour through wall art such a the large size cherry blossom tree sticker with individual blossoms blowing across the wall, took ages to stick up but looks fab if do say so myself.

She also has a beautiful personalised illustration from fab daisy bow designs, a watercolour of her fave/bff “bunny” (jellycat bashful bunny) painted by my ever talented fabulous mummy. A’s first ever painting (featured on one my silent sundays*proud mummy* and a few framed pictures of her fave people  and her fave animals including doos our schnoodle, ellie mums old english, pippa my sisters blonde longhaired lurcher. and next doors shetland stubborn stanley :).

Her cot is a cotbed which will turn into her first big girl bed. We also have a lovely white vintage inspired daybed at the otherside of the room, its a single that can be pulled out into a double. It doubles as a sofa and general changing area at the moment but in the distant future will be her big bed! It is also handy if shes unwell and I wanna sleep in beside her. I love upcycled furniture, our house has many a piece lovingly redone, including a small pink and white chest of drawers you can just see a tiny corner of in left hand corner of the pic above. They were a bargain at £15 from a brilliant shop cancan baazar in northern ireland and perfect for storing nappies, wipes and general bits and bobs. One of my fave things though is a large material giraffe that is a height chart, we had it in our bedroom when we were small and now its in hers.

Currently A’s books are stored in a box on the floor easy access for her but her daddy is making her a little bookcase, update in a future post.

We received some beautiful handmade toys as baby gifts when she was born and I just love them, they are so cute. Here’s a few examples, humpty dumpty girl, yellow teddy, little shy duck and multi-coloured ball are all handknit the work and detail that goes into something like that is crazy, wish i had the talent for knitting but i am well and truly useless at it. The little cube humpty dumptys sitting on is all handmade too! Sewn with different fabric on all sides and a bear appliqued on. A loves this she sits on it uses it to stand up beside and falls off it! The cushions are mostly ones i made too and Iv’e placed them around the cot and wall to prevent bumps but also to make play/cosy area.

The little flowery ball at the front is extra special , it was made by my great granny 49 years  ago for my dad and his twin brother as a baby gift, my granny kept it and patched it and gave it to me for A.

Finally i added a few handme-downs of my own, these where my fave toys when i was tiny. A forever friends bear my auntie brought my mum in the hospital after she had had me, little kitty the cat both me and my sister have one each and both adored them, how its in one piece still is a mystery, very hardwearing.

And my fave rupert the bear. I “stole” him from my mums sister my auntie when i was about 3, i feel kinda bad about that now. It was her fave childhood toy and i became attached to it at her house and she let me have it. He was instantly my bff he went every where with me, hes even been to london and spain. Yes he has a babygrow on, this is because his tummy is patched due to wear and tear (he was made in the early 70’s) and he has a homemade knitted scarf which i made aged 10 around his neck as a neckbrace as he had been hugged so tightly over the years the stuffing has gone from the neck leaving him wobbly! Underneath he is the traditional red top with yellow and black trousers and little yellow and black scarf. I love that she can play with these too and hopefully she will love them just as much as i did/do.

We are really pleased with the room, im sure we will add a few more bits and pieces but its come together nicely so far.

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