1980’s cardboard box!

Why is it that kids love cardboard boxes? Its the same the world over, a well known company even used kids playing with cardboard boxes as there tv advert recently. “A” is no different give her a cardboard box and shes happy give her a cardboard box filled with 1980’s toys and shes over the moon! Your thinking 1980’s toys? what is she on about?! Ok let me explain.

My grandparents are the types who never throw away anything that maybe useful to someone at some point. Case in point the box you can see in the picture above. This box contains the same toys I and my siblings and cousins played with over the last 20 plus years at A’s age in the exact spot A is lying on.  I couldn’t believe it when my gran pulled out the box for A, from the same cupboard the toys were kept in when I was little, A’s eyes lit up and she immediately started to explore the box.

Looking through the box It hit me they are all simple plastic shaped toys, no buttons, no flashing lights, no music or no movement. I thought oh she’ll be bored in two minutes with this lot.

How wrong was I she had a ball! She took things out of the box she put them back in! she took things from one side of my grans sitting room to the other. She sat on top of the toys, she rolled over them.

She made sounds with the skittles hitting them off the side of the box and giggled her little head off. She put the little stacking hoops on her arms and off again.

She put the plates on her head and sat in the tiny baby bath ( that may have been a fluke but it was so cute).

It was fabulous to see her have such great fun, without a gimick in sight. She was in my opinion much more happy and contented to play with these toys for a longer period of time than she is with any of her flashy, all singing all dancing toys. I think sometimes as parents or least I personally am guilty of over-stimulating my little one with exposing her too much to an overload of sensory information coming at her all at once. Of course she has toys such as blocks etc which do not move or make sounds but she normally has some sort of high tech toy near by too.

These old toys brought it back to basics and she loved it! I am now going to make a point of having the odd day where we simplify the toys and have fun exploring and creating our own music  and sounds with them instead of pressing a button and without a flashing disco light in sight!

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11 thoughts on “1980’s cardboard box!

  1. Lovely post!! We recently got a big kiddicare order and like it says on the box..this is not a box this is a secret den, a spaceship etc..in rio’s case it was opened up to be a funhouse he could crawl through. Yay for the old toys!! Looks like she had lots of fun xx

  2. You cant beat a box. My mum saved all my old fisher price toys we have the same hoop stacker. They were made to last a life time and both of mine have had enjpyment out of them.
    I agree that we tend to buy to much of the gadget technology and its nice to get back to basics sometimes.
    Hope A has a few more years of joy from her new toy collection.

  3. Ahhh thats fab that she kept all the toys! I agree with you, most modern toys do everything for you so they dont need any imagination to play with them. Thanks for sharing! x

  4. I had those skittles as a baby – rocognise them from photos 🙂

    cardboard boxes are great fun – we make them into cars for my son using paper plates as wheel, i must do a post on that! 🙂

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