I <3 being a SAHM

The last few days have been lovely as hubby has been off on holidays and has been home during the day. Something which rarely happens as hes self-employed and works long hours. Weekends are normally the only opportunity for us to do things during the day as a family.  So it has been a treat for all of us to get to spend some family time together.

“A” has loved it shes spent loads of time outside with her daddy babbling to our resident shetland pony “stanley”, sitting on her daddy’s shoulders whilst walking down our fields, watering the plants, giggling in the swing, playing football with “doos” our schnoodle and enjoying countryside walks.

I have loved having him home, just seeing him getting to spend quality time with “A” and having some time to relax for a change has been so nice. But as he settled “A” to sleep (something which I normally do but as i have signed up for a dressmaking course one night a week starting soon we are introducing daddy putting her to bed at least one night when possible so she doesn’t freak out when my course starts) and I sat in living room listening to him settling her over the baby monitor I felt almost sad, even a little jealous! I felt as if I hadn’t spend hardly anytime with “A” in the last few days because I hadn’t had her all to myself. How selfish does that sound!

When she went to sleep I went down and sat beside her cot and had to lift her and give her about ten minutes of cuddles, yes most mummies reading this will be thinking have you lost your mind you lifted your sleeping baby. I know, normally I tiptoe around the house so as not to wake her, but I just had to lift her even though she was asleep. As I sat looking at her I just kept thinking how thankful I am to be able to be at home with her everyday. I love every happy, sad, tantrum, giggle, snoozy, wakey minute I get to spend with her. Tonight really cemented for me how truely happy I am to be a SAHM. “A” maybe only 7 months but she is such great company, her little personality is infectious shes such a happy little being who I adore and love more than words could ever express. I feel so lucky that I am able to be there to witness “A’s” every milestone, (she started crawling at lunch time last Wednesday and if she had been at a minder or nursery I would missed that first crawl), to be there for every meal, every nappy change, every play time and nap time, to just be there. I love that she has me 100% to her disposal and wants me to be with her.

She’s growing so fast, already she seems like she’s not a little baby anymore as shes so much more independent now shes on the move. I cherish these moments  at home with her now because in a blink of an eye she will be grown up. I am so thankful everyday for my hubby because he is so supportive of me, without his determination and strong work ethic I wouldn’t be able to be at home. He has provided me with the greatest gift that money can’t buy.. TIME! Time to be the mum I want to be for A, the wife I want to be for him and the happy person I want to be for myself.



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One thought on “I <3 being a SAHM

  1. Lovely that you all enjoyed spending some time together 🙂 I totally get the sleeping baby cuddle time too, i love it if my youngest falls to sleep as I’m feeding him. I always sit for 5 minutes and just look at him and hold him tight x

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