1st paint messy play

I love arts and crafts, glitter, glue, feathers, paint, and all that, you could say I am a bit of a magpie. This love of all things artsy craftsy has been instilled in me from when I was tiny, my mum is fantastic at arts/crafts and always encouraged us to get creative. We painted and coloured with chalk outside on the patio, we painted the little stone frog in the garden, we played with playdough and pasta shapes, made crazy creations from paper and string, pipecleaners and bottle tops, had water and sand play and much more, but most of all we had fun. Mum made each day special for me and my sister and brother and for that I am so grateful. She set a great example of how the most fun can be had doing the simplest of things such as painting instead of sitting in front of a tv or as kids seem to now playstations etc. I am determined  to follow mums example and encourage my little one to creatively have fun each day.

So “A” is now 7 months and I know you may think 7 months is still quite little to really get creative but if you knew “A” you’d understand shes all go and loves being into everything. So i decided I would try her with her first messy paint play! I popped down to local tesco and got a white paper roll, 3 tubs of paint and a wipable messy mat for the floor from kids artsy craftsy bit think totaled about £10 but will do us probably for the rest of the year there is so much paint and paper :).

I put the messy mat on floor cut a section of paper,  put it on the floor and spoldged 3 big dots of paint (one of each colour) on the paper, put “A” into messy play clothes ie clothes I didn’t mind getting stained and let her go to work.

paints, paper and messy mat, its that simple

I was a little worried she would put a whole pile paint in her mouth as everything goes straight into her mouth at the mo but she never even attempted to. She was mesmerised and immediatly put both hands in and started rubbing them all over the page. She had the best time and I loved seeing her enjoy it so much.

ta dah

Going to get a clear frame and put it up in her room as her first masterpiece, first of many to come 🙂

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3 thoughts on “1st paint messy play

  1. i LOVE this post. im exactly the same, i love doing ‘things’ with my boy rather than just having the telly on. you saying that your mum made everyday special really struck a chord, i would love my boy to think that about his childhood. im working on it! x

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