From flab to fab ..or so i hope wk 1

My week one – slinky linky

It’s time to change, iv’e decided no more excuses that’ it is time to properly try to lose this “baby weight” for good.

1 week bfre my due date

A is 7 months now, and I still have 1 and half of the 3 and half stone that I put on whilst expecting her. To begin with it didn’t bother me as I kept thinking it will come off, but as the months have progressed It has started to get to me down a little. This is mainly due to nothing fitting me, my maternity clothes don’t fit but my old clothes don’t comfortably fit and i’m stuck in that no mans land of in between jean sizes 12 and 14, tops 10-12 and I feel terrible. I just want to be able to put on clothes that fit and  I look okay in them.  I’ve never had a lot of self esteem and feeling like I look similar to a hippo in everything isn’t helping me, so although I have been somewhat attempting since A was about 2 months to get back into shape I am officially starting this week on my baby weight loss plan.

I have a few goals to help keep me motivated. Firstly hubby wants to get a family photo session done and I’m point blank refusing to look like I do currently in that photo. Hubby is what I call a gym buff, works out 3- 4 times a week as well as runs and races moto cross at weekends so hes in great shape and I don’t want “A” looking back at the photo’s and thinking daddy looks lovely but mummy looks a bit frump de dumpy. So we are hoping to book the photo’s for early October which gives me a little time to lose a little and shape up, I’ve no excuse we have a full kitted out gym in the garage I however have hardly stepped through the door since I was expecting so gonna attempt to get my butt in there at least once a week.

Secondly i’ve signed up for my first “virtual run” (which is a run/walk/jog/bike that you sign up for and can complete anywhere in the world) the virtual run I have signed up for is the homesweethome run organised by blogger sarah scott  (check her blog out here the run benefits family house a  not-for-profit organization providing temporary housing to families of seriously ill children receiving treatment at the University of California San Francisco Benioff Children’s Hospital. I am going to attempt the 13.1 miles over hopefully 2 days and will walk/jog with A in pram. It is also officially in October so this is my motivation to get myself fit enough to do the 13.1 miles over those 2 days (i’d love to do it in one but i don’t want to set myself an unrealistic target)

So this week week 1 me and A have went for an early morning brisk 3 mile walk in the morning and tried to do a small stroll in the afternoon too. I have always walked with A as she loves being out in the fresh air looking around her, but I am really enjoying the early morning walks. I feel really motivated and positive.

I’m determined this time to lose the weight but to do it whilst maintaining my sanity so no crash diets or extreme restrictions. Just healthy choices and exercise and of course i am still going to have my  odd bit of choccie and my beloved diet coke.

Excited for whats to come

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