I have seen  a number of twitter convo’s lately with people asking others about babywearing and the pro’s and con’s so I thought I’d throw my two cents in and let you know about my experience of baby wearing.

As a newbie mummie in January 2013 I didn’t really have a clue about “baby-wearing” or what it even meant until my little one reached 3 weeks old and boom colic arrived and I would have done anything to help ease my little ones discomfort. So when my mum suggested a baby carrier I thought i’l give it a go. To begin with I bought a pre-loved traditional front carrying baby carrier that had “click buckle clasps”, went over my head and and fastened under babies legs. It was Terrible . My back ached and went numb like that numbness you feel when you type for too long, (I know you pbloggers out there know that feeling) it didn’t seem to me to be comfy for “A” either but she loved the closeness and it really helped her colic.

I loved carrying her and it was so nice to be able to pop on a wash or wander around with ease while she was able to snooze and cuddle. It was really lovely bonding time for us both and I was hooked. However I didn’t like the carrier and decided I would have to find an alternative. I  arranged to go along to a baby fair with a friend and her little boy who was born a month before “A” and when I met her outside she had her little one in a material wrap. I had never seen one before, never even knew there was such a thing, but was amazed at how comfy her little lad was. No straps digging into his little legs, no click clasps, just comfy jersey stretch material. She was able to switch him easily to face out forward and he was content and happy to look around him whilst we wandered around the stalls. I was a little jealous to be honest “A” was in the pram unable to be sat up at this stage as she was too little so she couldn’t hardly see a thing while my friends little one had the perfect view.

After the fair I asked her loads of questions too many probably, but since shes such a fab lady she gave me a quick run through of how to put it on correctly and said try it out for a few days see what you think. As soon as I got home I stood in front of the mirror and had a go, there is reems of material, when its unwrapped it looks a bit daunting because there is so much material, but once you get to grips with the amount of material its relatively easy to put on.

images (1)

You simply find the middle of the material which for most wrap carriers is easy as they have a label right in the middle, you wrap the material around your tummy and over opposite shoulders, then down your chest right shoulder to left hip, left shoulder to right hip and tuck under the the front piece of material and simply wrap the excess around your tummy once or twice and tie in a knot at either your hips or your back or in front of your tummy its up to you,

To put your little one in you put one of their legs through one piece of crossed material and open the material across your little ones lower back and bum and do the same with the other leg enclosing the little one in (see the pic above). Then lift the first piece of material you wrapped around your tummy and pull up around little one, to support their back. Their little legs and bum are supported, they should always be close enough to kiss without their chin getting stuck to their chest to ensure they are safe.

My little one loved it! So did I, so since we are on a budget and a new wrap would set me back approx £40- £50 I sourced a nearly new pre-loved kari-me black wrap for £20 including p&p.

kari me

Truly the best £20 we have spent for “A”, she was a month when we got it and i can honestly say we used it everyday. I would pop her in whilst I did bits and pieces of housework and she would happily have a little snooze or just gaze at me. I loved how close she was to me, It really was lovely such a great way to bond. Warms my heart just thinking about it,

Since having “A” I have pelvic and back pain and the traditional carrier made this worse, however this carrier has never gave me any issues. I have wore this for a few hours  at a time and have had no problems. Its been fab especially when she was tiny to pop her in and go off for a walk, no pram no hassle so easy to get out and about. Great for helping ease colic discomfort, “A” fell asleep often in the sling at night during the worst of colic and was so easy to transfer her to her moses basket without waking her.

To wash you simply pop in the washing machine the same as normal washing and I pop mine on low setting in the tumbler and its as good a new each time. This wrap has a little wrap bag which means its stored easily and can be popped into the car or under the buggy etc (I can fit it in my changing bag but it may not fit all changing bags).

Now that “A” is 7 months we don’t use the sling as much but its so versatile that she can be worn on my back, on either hip, on my tummy facing me or facing outwards. She still loves it just as much and squeals and bounces up and down when I take it out. A happy baby = a happy mummy! For me I have nothing but positives to say about a material wrap sling carriers, there are a lot of different brands available and some fab smaller companies which make customised wraps too. If we ever have baby no 2 I will 100% be using one again.

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2 thoughts on “Babywearing

  1. Its great to read a positive babywearing journey and that youve discovered the benefits of slings with healthy hip positions but please be aware for safety reasons its not advised to back carry with a stretchy sling, a woven sling can be used for back carrying though. Hope you continue to wear for years to come. I’m still wearing my 26 month old daily 🙂

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