Daisy Bow Designs Review

I am super excited about this review, so to begin with here is a little background of how this review came about and information about the fabulous artist behind this amazing work.

Daisy Bow Designs- unique personalised illustration.

phone august 100

Whilst searching on twitter for crafty individuals to follow i came across Lisa Scott’s twitter page. I had a little peek at her pictures and was amazed at the beautiful “doodles” she created. ( go have a look https://twitter.com/LscottDesign). We exchanged some twitter chit chat, mainly about how fabulous I thought her illustrations were and she kindly offered to create a personalised illustration of my little girl for her room. I jumped at the chance, as I love unique and individual items and I feel so honoured to have such an amazingly talented illustrator create a piece especially for my little one.

So before I go any further let me tell you a little about Lisa. Lisa is from Buckinghamshire and a lovely mum to two beautiful girls whom she nicknamed “daisy” and “bow” hence daisy bow designs. Up until very recently (11 years or so) Lisa had not put pencil to paper except whilst doing arts and crafts with her two girls. However after a quite serious accident in which Lisa sustained a broken back, of which she is still recovering she rediscovered her love of “doodling” and her true talent as an illustrator became apparent. (read her  story on her blog here http://daisybowdesign.blogspot.co.uk ) She has since set up Daisy Bow Designs and is working on a range of amazing illustrations including a number of  fabulous christmas card designs (which I cannot wait to invest in!)

So now onto the illustration. Before Lisa began she asked me what my little one liked and what she looked like, so she could get an idea of what to include in the picture. So I told Lisa “A” is 7 months nearly 8 with super cute very light red hair and she adores animals, big and small, something we are so pleased about as we are “animal lovers” in our family. Her favourites in particular are our own little black schnoodle “doos” he is her bff and one of my parents dogs the old english sheepdog Ellie (whom my biz n blog are named after).  The rest i left up to her.

I’m sure I must have told everyone I know about Lisa and the picture she was working on for “A” and could hardly wait for it to arrive. So when the post woman rapped the door and handed me a package and I saw the little note at the bottom written in gorgeous hand writing “with love from Daisy Bow Designs” I was so excited I didn’t even wait and  opened it at the door in front of the post woman! Who agreed it was gorgeous!

Parcel- along with a beautiful daisy bow designs postcard that also arrived the same day and is now proudly  displayed in our hall :)

Parcel- along with a beautiful daisy bow designs postcard that also arrived the same day and is now proudly displayed in our hall 🙂

Lisa had tweeted me little teaser updates whilst she was working on the design. Lisa draws everything from scratch. Beginning with a pencil line drawing, then pen.

phone august 040

The design is then painted and is “built” onto a individually painted background making it stand out even more. Lisa created a gorgeous picture of my little one  which is so cute, sitting on the floor holding a ball (which remarkably resembles an ikea soft plushie ball she has, which I didn’t tell Lisa about) with her two doggy bffs on either side. “doos” on the left and “Ellie” on the right. Lisa captured the dogs perfectly everyone who has seen it instantly says aww “A” with “doos &Ellie”.

ta dah! just unwrapped

ta dah! just unwrapped

The background is beautiful every aspect is done with attention to detail, the wallpaper even has tiny individual prints across it. The bunting is also an individual piece built onto the background and the flags are painted with tiny patterns also.

phone august 100

The print is mounted and framed in a top quality white box frame which sets the illustration off perfectly. To say I am over the moon with this is an understatement! It looks fab in “A”‘s nursery, it is so special to us already as it sums our little one up perfectly! It will be a feature in her room for many many years and will be an item I will treasure forever. I have a feeling it will be the first of many of Lisa’s lovely creations to grace the walls of our home. I cannot recommend Daisy Bow Designs highly enough! Thank you LISA

If you would like to connect with Lisa or see more of her designs go to her twitter page: https://twitter.com/LscottDesign or her blog http://daisybowdesign.blogspot.co.uk

Pop over and visit me at my new blog http://www.elliebearbabi.co.uk/


4 thoughts on “Daisy Bow Designs Review

  1. After reading this review and hearing from my daughter Kathleen who has personally seen the picture, my other daughter Kelly and I want 2 get 1 of our 2 cavalier dogs and possibly of my granddaughter when we can agree on what we want included in the pics. We do however agree on simplicity being the best road 2 take. Will be contacting Daisy Bow designs in the near future. Such a unique idea 2 create a lasting momento of the precious loved ones in our lives. Great idea, love it.

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