Liebster Award

So the lovely Terri @mumwifegirl Nominated me for the Liebster award. I had seen a few blogs with a Liebster award button but no idea what it meant or how you got it. So hada nosy at Terri’s post which explained the basics about it and then i did a little research online too to see what others were saying. So simply for those of you who don’t know it is an “Award” given by a blogger to another set of bloggers in a chain almost .  So its really a way to network and share with others a new blog you have discovered and think is great. 



The rules for the award are hazy online some say the blog nominee must have 200 or less followers/readers some say up to 3000 followers/readers. To accept the “award” the nominee has to answer a set of questions about themselves, again these don’t seem to be a particular set of questions and are normally made up by the nominator. And finally the nominee must pass on the “award” to (some say 5 some say 10 other bloggers) by nominating them,


So here we go, my questions set by the lovely Terri and my answers:

1.what did you have for breakfast? A bacon bap! yes the juice diet went out the window this weekend as we were on our first family holiday with baby :).

2. Are you left or right handed? Right though i wish i was left purely because its different

3. Whats on your desktop. Now she probably means computer but as i am so proud that i finally got my own sewing desk last week i am going to say, on my wooden sewing desktop is: my brother sewing machine, a sewing box a family calender, some photos of baby and the dogs, a pin cushion, 10 finished bibs, a notebook and pen, laptop, bowl of pineapple and cuppa tea. Haha 

4. Type the first word that comes into your head. Baby monitor .. as it just went off.

5. Fave candel scent? Cinnamon the only one i can stand as went completely off them when pregnant.

6. Your child’s birth weight? 7lb 4oz

7. your best feature? my eyes i have werid coloured eyes 🙂 green, with dark green and light as well as yellow and brown and a tiny speck of red. 

8. Brand of deorant you use? Nivea

9. DO you have any regrets? This is a tough one, i think everyone does but i try to look positively to the future.

10.fave dessert? Key lime pie

11. Do you have a lucky charm, number, pair of pants etc? I am not a very superstitious but i do like the no. 4 not 100% sure why? 

So I am going to nominate 4 lovely bloggers and they are :  Im nominating these four lovelies because i think you should go read their blogs they are great!! 

So girlies if you want to participate (don’t feel like you have to) here is the 11. questions to answer in your acceptance post.

1. Country bumpkin or girl about town ? 

2. All time fave quote and why?

3. Describe your personal style in 3 words.

4. What has been your best holiday to date?

5. Whats in your handbag/ changing bag?

6. Whats your fave current song?

7. Whats your fave blog post you have written? 

8. Why did you start blogging? 

9. Who inspires you the most?

10. Whats your ideal day out?

11. what would you love to eat right now if i could magically send it to you?!


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