Ultimate driving summer playlist – meme


So the fab @ktbtwblog  tagged me in this meme and challenged me to write my ultimate driving summer playlist! so here it is, ears at the ready…

I do alot of driving as most of my family live at the opposite end of Northern Ireland ( my lovely mummy included) from me so i make about a 120mile round trip at least once or twice a week with babi bear and schnoodle doos and a car packed to the roof with everything from dog bowls to baby milk. So music plays a big part in both entertaining me and babi bear on the way up or down, it must be noted that however most often we are singing along to in the night garden or a silly nursery songs cd (gone are the days of windows down blasting music for me).

So if i had my own way and an ultimate driving summer playlist this would be it..

1. Nickleback Rockstar- yes i know you probably hate nickleback im not their biggest fan either but i love this song cause the lyrics are so catchy! And about 5-6 years ago my favourite tv program was GND (girls next door for you’s out there who do not know what this is shame on you haha no its a program about hugh hefners then 3 girlfriends and their crazy fun lives at that time) and the three girls bridget holly and kendra were featured in the video singing the lines “every playboy bunny with their bleached blonde hair” . So that made me like the song even more, im odd i know. Ok i know i’ve lost all cool factor now admitting i like them.

2. Gabrielle Alpin- Home, just because i love her voice she sings similar to the way some of the irish folky singers do and its a nice tone i think. Also its just a good sing like your a good singer sing a long song 🙂  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mVbdjec0pA

3. pink! try . I love pink and any of her music, shes sucha strong woman and just doesn’t give two watsits about what anyone else thinks and thats inspiring to me ( as someone who struggles with worrying about others opinions all too often). The video for try is amazing too just go and watch it if you have not seen it before, shes a fantastic dancer and so strong its unreal!

4.John newman -love me again , I love the vintage feel to him and the video again im such a visual person and if i see a video once it sticks in my head and it runs through everytime i hear the song. Id say i probably liked the video more than the song to begin with but now this tunes just stuck in my head.

5. Shakria – whenever wherever – youve got to have a bit of cringe-y pop on the playlist and this is it! It reminds me of singing it with my sister when we were alot younger! I just love it still! And im not ashamed to say i know all the words 🙂

6. Ellie goulding – Explosions … fantastic song and reminds me of last year in the run up to babi making her debut. Oh and hubby thinks shes the best thing since sliced bread so instead of the red mist of jealously descending i just go with it, i have to agree shes beautiful in a kinda quirky way.

7. Avici – wake me up, i love a bit of dance music and prior to mummy hood i loved a good night out on the tiles with my long time bff https://twitter.com/speers89 and i love a bit of country music so this to me is amazin that and my lil one starts squealing and bouncing up and down when it comes on… i tell you shes got moves !!

8. taylor swift & Ed sheran- Know you . i love this song dunno why actually i do again cause of the video, im detecting a theme here myself. Its just so cute. But nice happy summery song!

9. Anything (well mostly anything) from KAYA , Distanza is my fave i have the shortened intro version on cd at moment. KAYA is an Electronic music producing duo from Coleraine,  Northern Ireland, consisting of Charlie Marx & Scott McCann (scott being my baby brother all be it hes 19 now) They are up and coming and have Productions supported on world renowned BBC Radio 1, BBC Ulster ATL & Radio West Fife, Tracks signed to labels such as Melonsound (Danish) & LuPS Records (Dutch) they are Remixers for LuPS Records. won 2nd in Global Brian Culbertson remix comp for Universal Records and state they are  “2 friends doing what they love and producing what they love. Not sticking to one sound, but exploring all genres and styles!” Check them out at https://soundcloud.com/kayaofficial

10. The saw doctors- I used to love her… oldey but goodey i love it just because i remember being tiny and dancing in the kitchen with my daddy to this like i do with my little one now. He probably hates this song but i love it 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoFs7xoKPxo

11. To top it off Nicki Minaj – starships i luuvvvvv a bit of nicki i swear you wana see me rapping it up haha its a sight yes! I know all the words to all her songs dont worry i blank the rudey bits out 🙂 Before baby and before my new lovely SAHM life id listen to her album on repeat in the car or way to and from work. I just love her end of 🙂

Realistically i could go on and on but i shall not bore you completely .. so whats your ultimate playlist?  https://twitter.com/LivePeachy https://twitter.com/genuineplacebo mum-wife-girl.blogspot.co.uk rubypluslottie.co.uk


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