time flies .. 7months

So my gorgeous little one is the big 7 months this week. wow time has flown, it seems only yesterday she was this tiny 7lb 4 oz baby who slept most of the day and was so quiet you would hardly know she was there! How things have changed. She  has developed into the most amazingly happy, always on the go, “full of beans” little baby girl as we in Norn Iron  say ( Norn Iron is a joky kind of way often us N. Irish write or say Northern Ireland  for any of you lovelies out there reading this thinking what is she on about).

Over the last few months shes learnt to roll over, to “army” crawl, sit up and now to pull herself up to standing which i found out to my alarm when turned round to see her standing in her cot with a great big grin on her face as pleased as punch with herself! Shes now on “big girl milk” aka follow on and happily munches through baby rice cakes, cooked carrot sticks etc and will eat almost everything set in front of her bar cauilflower and cheese. ( I dont blame her on that one)

She loves music and likes nothing better than being on my hip and us two dancing round the living room like a pair of loons while she squeals n giggles her wee head off ( its a sight to behold). Shes lit up my life and made each ordinary day wonderful.

Shes changing and growing up so quickly its kind of scary but also amazing as i see her beautiful wee personality and characteristics developing. She has become my world, and i hope for now and the years to come i’m hers.


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