as the saying goes… Some1 who loves me went to Barbados…

an all they got me was…. a t-shirt and a SUPER CUTE woodours- Tizours activity bear by ebulobo

Any one who knows me knows i love different things, things that are a little unique, that you cant get in every shop in town. I also like to give babi bear toys that aren’t all pink and fluffy and super girly ( don’t get me wrong we have those toys  too 🙂 but i like to make sure she has a mix of toys).  So when my two aunties returned from their jolly hols in the gorgeous sunny Barbados with a Barbados emblazoned gift bag in hand for “babi bear” and out came a woodours-Tizours activity bear i must admit i think i was more excited than the lil lady! The bear is gorgeous it looked handmade and the fabric is a lovely mix of vintage style patchwork. The bear has four pockets two at the front and back.  In the pockets are 4 little toys, a squirrel rattle, a little bird who when squeezed tweets, a orange cookie teether and a fish that squeaks.


The bear looked handmade and i thought it was probably a local product from Barbados but with a little online hunting i found that  ebulobo childrens products are “french” and  made by 2 designers who have been making toys since 1994. All the toys are “home made” by Anne Lelong & Ferdinand Lecomte. They have a beautiful range of products under four main collections. The items range from stacking cups, sleeping bags, playmats to jigsaws and teddybears.

Each collection has a story .. our bear from the woodours collection means wood-bear and tells the story of a papa and baby bear stating “Papa is strong as an oak tree, but a gentle soul”

Babi bear loves this toy so much already and squeals with delight when the little bird tweets, the teethers perfect for her especially at the mo but i have a feeling this bear will continue to be a favourite as she grows as its so versatile.  woodours activity bear

The pockets r super cute and the ” orange cookie”  is the perfect teether!

I love the products  they are gorgeous and am defo going to keep them in mind for future baby gifts or friends and families children’s birthdays, the only downside is that there is only one UK stockist listed and none in Northern Ireland but i’m sure i could get them online some how 🙂

First ever sort of review …. how did i do 😉



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