and so it begins…

And so it begins my journey into the big bad (ohh i hope not so bad) world of blogging! I’ve always thought ohhhh i’d luv to blog! Over the years Ive admired the lovely kitsch and classy blogs of the fashionable and the fancy-pants out there and the gorgeous crafty and arty blogs of the many creative types and thought i wish i had a blog but i’ve never really thought my life was “cool” enough or “interesting” enough to write about. It was was only after i had my little girl in Jan 2013 that i discovered “mummy blogs/parent blogs” and they opened a new world to me. See i’m 24, i got married at 21 which may not seem odd to you but in my circle of friends i am the only married one and the only mummy, and so i suppose i felt kinda alone in the world of mummahood. So during my daughters first few weeks when we spent most of our time curled up on the sofa i began to read different blogs when she slept or sometimes on my phone during night feeds to keep me on my toes. At first i was looking for advice, somewhere for answers to my first time mum queries but as i read through them they helped me feel connected and made me see that everyone’s life is unique, interesting and “cool” in its own little way. So i got my courage up and took the baby step of joining twitter and building a wee network of other nice mummies and lovely crafty peoples. (if you haven’t signed up to twitter DO it, you wont regret it) Twitter has the most fab-u-lous supportive (mostly) mummy/daddy/parents network online. After being on twitter about 6 months and reading lots of lovely peoples blogs out there and saying (all too often to hubby ) “i’d love to blog” he told me just go for it, give it a go. So here I go… i hope you’l enjoy my little musings, ramblings and general bits n bobs over the coming months as i step into the world of mumma blogging!

ohhh connect with me on twitter : elliebearbabi im always up for a natter πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “and so it begins…

  1. Congratulations on starting your blog! I started for pretty much the same reasons, it was one of my twitter followers that gave me that last little push. It really is fun blogging, just wish i had more time to do so. Hope you enjoy it too, good luck! Might even see you at Britmums if you get really into it =D xx

    • Thankyou aww my first comment ahhh did we happy dance! yeh i will be a blogging when babi in bed blogger lol. Maybe.. have to wait and see though britmums would be a good goal to go for πŸ™‚ xx

  2. Welcome aboard!! I love the mummy blog community! Like you I’ve always wanted to blog..just never had an interesting enough life. Having Rio has gave me something to write about. And its such a great way to document and look back..goes to hunt you down on twitter πŸ˜‰

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